TVTalk with Natasha and Kimberly – Ep 32: True Blood, Falling Skies, Teen Wolf

Check out our latest episode where we discuss Ep 2 of the new seasons of True Blood, Falling Skies, and Teen Wolf. Natasha and Kimberly were joined by fellow blogger Antonio.  We begin with discussing the very first 5 minutes of True Blood. Two words: Fan Fiction.  We also talk about how Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) may have gotten the Hep V. Natasha still holds out hope that Tara (Rutina Wesley) is not dead despite all the info on the interwebs that say otherwise.

Falling Skies, we say awww about Matt (Maxim Knight) getting his first kiss! Natasha things he should’ve made the first move.  We agree that we don’t trust the physicist that created that suit.  Here are a few more comments about the episode.   Kim is grossed out by Lexi’s (Scarlett Byrne) blood because it moves, gross. Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) needs to stop drinking the kool-aid.

Teen Wolf:  We get Antonio’s thoughts on the season premiere and we realize he’s just like any other guy that likes seeing two pretty girls dance with each other. *Sigh*. Kim and everyone else was wondering how old young Derek (Ian Nelson) was for that kiss scene with Kate (Jill Wagner). Natasha wants Scott (Tyler Posey) to win fights.  Antonio made some good points as to why Derek recognized Kate as she was older, and how harmful the Berserkers really are.

We talk about this and more on TVTalk.  Let us know what you thought of this episode in the comments below.  If you didn’t catch our last episode, we are transitioning to podcast.  We will be doing a few more YouTube shows before moving to SoundCloud.

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