Into the Badlands S1 Ep 6 Recap: Hand of Five Poisons

The season one finale definitely left us hanging! Fingers crossed it gets renewed! On to the recap!

Lance Nichols as The River King - Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Patti Perret/AMC
Lance Nichols as The River King – Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Patti Perret/AMC

Sunny tries to pull a fast one on the River King by giving him Bale’s head instead of M.K.’s.  For now the King believes it and tells Sunny they are leaving at midnight tonight.  Sunny runs over and tells Veil, who is on her way to the fort to treat Jade, who was poisoned in last week’s episode.  Sunny warns her that he may not be able to get her out if she goes.  Veil then has the nerve to ask if Sunny killed her parents.  The man told her that Quinn did it. Why is she asking again? Fortunately she figured that Sunny just lied about being there versus actually killing them.  Sunny is hoping things will be different once they leave, but Veil isn’t too sure about that. She has to “think” about still going with Sunny.  He will know if she still wants to leave with him if she is at her place by the time Sunny returns prepared to leave.

Penrith’s minion makes it the abbots to tell them about a “dark one” at the fort.  He shows them M.K.’s wanted picture.  Silently the Abbots bring a chest to put in the trunk, then drive to the fort.  At the house, Lydia is nursing Jade when Jade wakes up.  Lydia doesn’t know what happened to her.  Quinn comes in and accuses Lydia of poisoning Jade when Veil revealed that was what made Jade collapse. There was monkshood flower found at the fake bottom of Lydia’s jewelry box.  How convenient.  When Lydia looked genuinely surprised I suspected that maybe Jade did it to herself.  Quinn kicks Lydia out of the fort with the clothes on her back instead of killing her. As Lydia is escorted out of the room, Lydia looks at Jade, and Jade gives her a devious smirk, which confirmed it for me. Jade you clever girl!


Quinn is sorry to Jade because he didn’t realize what Lydia was capable of when everyone was suspicious about Beatrice’s death a long time ago.  Jade has something to tell Quinn about Ryder.  Speaking of Ryder, as Lydia is walking out of the fort surrounded by clippers, her son adds salt to the wound by not even feeling remotely sympathetic and gives her the religious totems she worships.  He refuses to help her prove Jade poisoned herself.  I think Lydia does have the last word when she calls him a stupid petulant boy that wouldn’t last a month without her.  She held her head high as she walked into the forest.

Ryder throws Sunny under the bus by saying that he had one of the set of keys into the dungeons so that’s how the Widow was able to get in.  He also mentions the meeting Sunny had with the Widow where she attempted to bribe him way back in the pilot episode.  I’m surprised Quinn so readily believed Ryder considering Sunny has shown his loyalty for several years.  Quinn has Ryder lock down the fort and has Sunny meet him at the chapel.  He then asks about M.K.’s pendant.  Ryder, surprised by the random question, tells the same lie he told M.K., that he sold it.  It’s understandable why Ryder had to “get rid of” Sunny later.  Quinn then confronts Sunny about his supposed betrayal especially since the Widow wasn’t clipped when she was there the previous night.  He has Sunny stripped of his rank.  Sunny reluctantly gives his sword to Quinn and if looks could kill…. Petri has been promoted and brings M.K. in as Sunny is escorted to the dungeons to await his fate.  Quinn also orders his clippers to bring Veil to him.  Brave M.K. is loyal by not spilling the beans about Sunny and himself.  Quinn cryptically tells him that he has a bright future as they walk out of the chapel.  I liked the lighting in this brief scene because of how there was just bright sunlight behind them with Quinn and M.K. slightly silhouetted. I wonder if that was on purpose?

Veil comes back to her place, packs, and sets her bag in a chair near the front of her place.  Unfortunately she is kidnapped.  Initially you think that the Baron got her but no, it was Tilda who borrowed her.  Veil’s medical services are needed to help the Widow with her wound, which is now infected with septicemia aka blood poisoning.  The Widow looked rough smoking on that opium when Veil was brought in.  She gives Veil her spiel about building a world where women have a voice.  Veil agrees to help treat the Widow on the promise the Widow will let her go.  After the Widow revealed Sunny was the one that cut her, it was very timely that Veil started her exam and hurt her after the Widow made a snide comment about Veil always cleaning up after Sunny.

Speaking of Sunny, we see him chained up in the dungeon. Quinn walks in wondering where Veil is.  Sunny threatens Quinn if he plans to kill her.  Quinn knows about the baby (did M.K. squeal after all?) and wants Veil there so he can raise the baby like he raised Sunny.  Quinn also reveals that he knows M.K.’s secret.  He thinks he is worth several clippers. Quinn gloats about adding tattoos to M.K.’s back.  Sunny warns him about when he gets out Quinn will be the first person he clips.  Mind you he said when, not if.  Quinn of course has the last word before walking away.

Penrith’s prodigal daughter Lydia returns to the fold.  Penrith at first denies her entry but then makes her take vows.  The most important one being to never leave again.  I know she hesitated real brief about renouncing material possessions. She then gets prepared for a ceremony that night.

Veil is finishing up stitching The Widow’s wound with Tilda assisting.  Veil notices a bruise the Widow’s late husband left her.  She still has that bruise? How long ago did she kill her husband for crying out loud?  In order to guarantee that she gets back to her place, she puts three different colored vials down. One is tincture, the other two poison.  She will tell which one has the tincture when she gets back.  The Widow warns her that she set things in motion so the world can be a better place without Quinn.  The Widow hopes that Sunny heeded her warnings.

Quinn offers a deal to M.K. that would spare Sunny and bring Tilda to live with him in the fort.  I’m thinking Petri may have given Quinn that tidbit about Tilda.  M.K. has to pretty much be molded by Quinn. Ugh.  M.K. agrees because he’s probably thinking about Sunny, Veil, and the baby.  I guess he figures if Tilda can be with him, it’s all good.  To celebrate, Quinn wants to take M.K. to the Tick Tock so his first time is with a doll.  Yeah right Quinn, you are up to something.   I did like Quinn’s cynical view of the world, especially when he hints at what America used to be like pointing at a small replica of the Capital.

Ryder and Zypher meet up to exchange information.  Ryder thinks tonight would be a good time to strike because Quinn will be outside the fort unescorted except for a Colt.  He thinks Quinn is arrogant and old when Zypher wonders why Quinn would risk himself like that.  Okay, Quinn may be arrogant, but he wouldn’t go around unescorted unless he knew that whoever was with him was able to protect him.  I just want to slap Ryder sometimes.   Zypher agrees to bring Jacobee with her so they could ambush Quinn, then she can kill Jacobee at the same time. Zypher wants to tell the Widow, but Ryder advises against it since she was wounded.  He really thinks she’s dying in the middle of nowhere.  I’m disappointed in Zypher for not telling the Widow anyway.  We will see why momentarily.

Stephen Lang as Waldo - Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Patti Perret/AMC
Stephen Lang as Waldo – Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Patti Perret/AMC

Back at the dungeons, Waldo “visits” Sunny.  Petri is manning the cell.  Petri attempts to stop Waldo from getting closer to the cell and gets killed for his efforts.  Boo on that! I actually liked Petri.  Why couldn’t Waldo knock him out or something? Waldo warns Sunny to take his girl and get on that boat tonight because “ish” is about to go down.  He tells him that the Widow will be making a move to eliminate both Jacobee and Quinn.  Sunny realizes that Waldo has been working with the Widow and is the “traitor.”  I was like:


Waldo’s reasoning: “The system is broken.  We gotta blow it up and start again.” Well, Waldo is speaking some truth. He further reveals that he regretted bringing Sunny into the clipper life.  Sunny was apparently found with the same pendant as M.K. Whaaat?! Waldo tells Sunny where M.K. is but warns him to forget him and go. Does Sunny listen? Yeah right.

Tilda brings Veil far enough where she can go find her way back to town.  Veil disapproves of The Widow using girls like Tilda to kill for her.  She suggests that Tilda chooses her own path by telling her that the blue bottle holds the tincture while the other two holds poison.  So Tilda gets to choose whether to kill the Widow or let her live.  Interesting.  So if Tilda decides to kill the Widow, what then? I think for the time being the Widow needs to live.

Quinn and M.K. arrive in the village near the doll house.  The street appears deserted.  M.K. can tell something is wrong.  Quinn boldly calls out whoever is trying to clip him to show themselves.  Jacobee’s men slowly start appearing before Jacobee appears himself with Zypher. Quinn is pissed when Ryder also appears.  I think Quinn believed his son wouldn’t be that stupid to try to conspire against him or if he did, he would have the balls to do it himself.  Quinn tells Ryder, there’s no forgiveness after this.  Ryder replies he doesn’t want it.  Oh well. Jacobee doesn’t listen to Quinn’s warning about The Widow outmaneuvering everyone to get rid of them as Barons. He cuts M.K. in the back and slowly steps back. The others prepare to attack M.K. when he gets up and he has black eyes.  Jacobee attacks first and gets thrown into a store.  Quinn starts to try to escape when Sunny finds him.  Sunny then stabs Quinn with a sword with these ominous words, “You’re going to be my last tattoo.”


Marton Csokas as Quinn - Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Patti Perret/AMC
Marton Csokas as Quinn – Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Patti Perret/AMC

Sunny then walks away from a supposedly dying Quinn to see M.K. fighting the others.  He manages to stop him from killing Ryder, who slunks away like the punk he is.  I still have not seen this man actually fight!  Sunny tries to talk to M.K. who hits him with his signature move.  A car pulls up then.  It’s the Abbots!  Zypher then tries to take down M.K. from the ground but gets thrown into a wall. I really wish Zypher spoke with the Widow before going through with the ambush.  With a few well placed hits, the abbots are able stop M.K. making him collapse once again.  One of them has M.K. on his shoulders ( I think he’s like the head honcho between the three) when Sunny tells them that they will have to go through him to take the boy.  All three abbots attempt to get at Sunny but it seems to be an even match.

The abbots then cheat by having their eyes turn black like M.K.’s.  They even make the atmosphere change before they transform.  They pose before two of them hit Sunny in the chest and almost collapses by the car.  He gets up though and tries another attack with his sword but the head abbot turns around and breaks Sunny’s sword with his hands.  No way! Then Sunny tries to attack again but gets surrounded by the abbots who punch his body several times in a circle.  Then the head abbot hits him in the chest which throws him through a few walls.  Sunny is out for the count.  The abbots turn back into their normal state and leave with M.K. by putting him a chest in the trunk of the car and drive off. Someone finds Sunny though but we don’t know who it is yet.

Lydia, dressed in like a white cloth, steps in a pool, dips herself, and gets hugged by her father.  It reminded me of a baptism only she dunks herself.  Tilda is back from dropping Veil off and the Widow accuses her of lying about M.K. Tilda explains that she was trying to protect him from what the Widow wanted to turn him into, a weapon.  The Widow explains that she wanted to save him because she was like him once, “special.”  Say what? Did The Widow have the same power too? She asks Tilda which bottle is the tincture.  Tilda hesitates.  Good grief.  Don’t do it Tilda! Back at the town, which is damaged (who’s going to pay for that I wonder?) Veil finally arrives and finds Sunny’s sword.  Poor thing probably thinks her boo is dead.  The next thing we see is a ship sailing away.  Sunny wakes up tied up and collared.  The River King comes in not happy about being double crossed.  As a consequence Sunny is being traded. Uh oh, not good guys.  M.K. wakes up in the chest and starts banging on it.  We here M.K. narrate about his and Sunny’s journey just beginning.  The last scene we see is M.K. stuck in the chest in a truck driving across a open dried land heading towards what looks like a city near the mountains.  Poor thing started the season in a chest and ended the season in a chest.

What a finale guys! I’m looking forward to the second season.  Veil, Sunny, and M.K. are separated from each other.  How will Sunny get back to the Badlands?  Will M.K. get training so he can control his powers?  Will Tilda poison the Widow?  Is Quinn really dead? Do you think Veil found him?  So many questions that will hopefully get answered in the 2nd season!  What did you think of the season? What do you want to see in the 2nd season?  Comment below!

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