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TVTalk with The Nerd Element Ep 148

Special guest Rod @7thMatrix joins Natasha aka Natty Willy, Chris, and Antonio to discuss shows Grimm, Emerald City, The Walking Dead, Timeless, and Agents of SHIELD.

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About Natty Willy

Went to the library and Natty fell in love with all things fiction. Natty grew up watching all kinds of movies ranging from Star Wars, "The Chinese Connection", all things Disney, musicals like "The Music Man" to comedy action films featuring Whoopi Goldberg. Lover of old school cartoons like X-Men, TaleSpin, and DuckTales. Grew up on shows like Family Matters, Full House, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Have eclectic musical tastes. Lover of books, appreciation of all things geeky.
  • Lei

    Yes that Agents of Shield episode was like a movie. It was amazing. I watched it twice. The acting by Iain De Caestecker was soo good in this episode. When he is screaming at her to stop stabbing him and then just stopped and looked right at her. He was so good. That was such an epic scene.

    And my major pet peeve about Shield from Season 1 has been that it revolves around Daisy/Skye. And I still don’t know why.

  • Agreed Lei that scene pulled my heartstrings even though I knew he was a LMD! Thanks for commenting as always!

  • Lei

    I am like the only one that didn’t catch that Fitz was the LMD. I wasn’t sure who out of two of them was. When did you know? I even went back and rewatched the episode before and couldn’t catch it.

  • I thought Fitz was one way back when that LMD detector went off but then I didn’t think about again until the mid-season finale. ~ Natty

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