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TVTalk with The Nerd Element Ep 163: Why Michelle?

Michelle joins Kim, Natasha aka Natty Willy, and Chris to go over TV news, Once Upon a Time, Knightfall, and Agents of SHIELD. Why does Michelle not watch 3 of the 4 shows? Find out why in this episode. We even have a pre-show discussion at the tell end of the podcast talking about X-Files and other things. Sound off in the comments!

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About Natty Willy

Went to the library and Natty fell in love with all things fiction. Natty grew up watching all kinds of movies ranging from Star Wars, "The Chinese Connection", all things Disney, musicals like "The Music Man" to comedy action films featuring Whoopi Goldberg. Lover of old school cartoons like X-Men, TaleSpin, and DuckTales. Grew up on shows like Family Matters, Full House, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Have eclectic musical tastes. Lover of books, appreciation of all things geeky.
  • Lei

    I feel Michelle’s pain. I was what my friends called the Dealer for Lost. I had everyone drinking that Kool-Aid. And I rode it out to the very end and have the scars. I have stuck with Agents because it just kept getting better, at least to me. I have same issues with Daisy, she has never been my favorite.

    I am so glad someone else agrees about Cinderella’s acting on Once. I watched the first 2 episodes and I was done. Not even Regina could save it for me. It shows up on my Hulu Watchlist. I just need to remove it. When my DC shows were on hiatus I thought about trying again, but decided life is too short.

    Please try to watch the Korean version of The Good Doctor. I watched that, so had no desire to see an American version.

    I couldn’t get thru Grown-ish. She was my least favorite character on Black-ish, so it didn’t surprise me that I was bored and didn’t find it funny.

    The Orville actually grew on me. It was like a mix between Galaxy Quest and Star Trek:TNG.

    Ya’ll just keep me smiling while working. Michelle cussing “off camera”, Kim and the dreads, Chris and Natty’s quips. Love it all.

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