MLB Rescheduled Games Posted

I have some interesting news about the MLB rescheduled games. It appears that all postponed contests are now scheduled to be completed prior to the end of the 2020 season. Here are the 2020 schedule changes resulting from rescheduled games:

  1. Cardinals @ Tigers on Thursday August 13, and Tigers @ Cardinals on Thursday Sept.10 (doubleheader)
  2. Cardinals @ White Sox on Friday, August 14th.
  3. Brewers @ Cubs on Thursday, August 13th
  4. Brewers @ Tigers on Wednesday, Sept.9th
  5. Cardinals @ Brewers on Monday, Sept.14th, Wednesday, Sept.16, Friday Sept.25, Thursday, August 20th(doubleheader)
  6. Phillies @ Blue Jays on Friday, Sept.18 (doubleheader)
  7. Blue Jays @ Orioles on Wednesday, August 19th
  8. Phillies @ Red Sox also on Wednesday, August 19th
  9. Phillies @ Marlins on Friday, Sept.11, and Sunday, Sept.13th (doubleheader), Monday, Sept.14th
  10. Red Sox @ Marlins on Tuesday, Sept.15, Wednesday, Sept.16, and Thursday Sept.17th
  11. Nationals @ Marlins on Saturday, August 22nd, Friday, Sept.18th, Sunday Sept.20th, all (doubleheader)
  12. Yankees @ Orioles on Friday, Sept.4th, (doubleheader)
  13. Red Sox @ Phillies on Tuesday, Sept.8th, (doubleheader)

This is all the games that will have a lot of doubleheaders posted. All of this information came from the MLB Bleacher Report.

Stay tuned for MLB updates.

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