Ben Reed Interview

Ben Reed plays Wayne Kyle, Chris Kyle’s father in American Sniper. He grew up in Bisby, Oklahoma doing the things most young guys do, getting into athletics and not much acting. A football scholarship took Ben to West Virginia as a quarterback. During summer session, he snuck away to get …

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Korra’s Korner – Operation Beifong *SPOILERS*

Toph is back! She kicks some butt! And we finally find out who one of her babies daddy is! This episode begins with Bolin professing his love for Opal and says he’ll do whatever it takes to fix his relationship with her when Lin interrupts to scout only to be interrupted …

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Gotham Recap Ep 8: Harvey Dent (Spoilers)

The episode starts out where the last one ended off – Selina Kyle returning to Gordon and we have the introduction of Harvey Dent. Gordon takes Cat (Selina Kyle) to Barbara’s penthouse and he discovers the letter that she left him. Gordon explains that Cat is going to Wayne Manor to stay and …

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Korra’s Korner – “Battle of Zaofu” *SPOILERS*

On this week’s episode of Korra, we finally see what we’ve been waiting for – Korra vs Kuvira! The episode opens with Suyin with Wei and Wing infiltrating Kuvira’s base only to discover that Kuvira had planned for such a sneak attack all along, tricking them with Zhu Li disguised as …

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