Chrissy Piccolo

Chrissy is the founder of The Fan's Voice, producer and host of The Fan's Voice on Blogtalk Radio, Host of X-Files Addicts & Headless Podcast for Southgate Media Group. The Fan's Voice covers prime-time and online television shows, interviewing actors fans love from television, movies and online scripted serials. She is also the host of Hollow Hangout, a weekly video chat with a panel of hard-core Sleepy Hollow fans on YouTube. She currently writes for The Nerd Element, Blogcritics and Examiner, covering events in prime-time and web series such as Paley Fest, Comic Cons, Daytime Emmy's, Indie Series Awards. She is a huge fan of Sleepy Hollow, The X-Files, Star Wars, etc...Chrissy is also writing her first mystery/thriller novel, set to be released online later this year, the first of a series "The Kirsten Kelly Chronicles"- 'The Mystery of the Gold Coin'. In her free time she is an amateur Paranormal Investigator.

‘Sleepy Hollow’- S3 Retrospect, Part Two of Three

Now that Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) left his “Crane Family Drama” behind and traveled the world to sort of find himself, our hero is ripe to begin a new relationship. Not only does Ichabod have his pick of ladies flocking at his feet, but apparently Abbie (Nicole Beharie) had a …

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