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I live in California, USA, enjoy pop culture, tweet about TV and comics. Harry Potter, Marvel, Batman, Carmilla, PLL, Star Wars, SIP, and much more!

Carmilla: Season 2 Obsession

Yes, this is another article about Carmilla. I can’t help it, I’m completely obsessed! Never have I been this much of a fangirl but season 2 of Carmilla is completely taking over my life! I created a Twitter account just so I could #BooRadleyVanCullen with a group of fantastic fans …

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I’m In Love With a Vampire (series)

Usually vampire stories are not my thing…I’ve never read Twilight or Dracula, never watched True Blood or The Strain. But right now, I’m completely obsessed with everything vampire and it’s all because of Carmilla. If you haven’t been following the Carmilla web series on YouTube, then you need to start …

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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 7

So, we start out with Sarah on video phone with Cosima and they talk about Paul being Sarah’s monitor. They are bummed but have to keep going to play this thing out. They don’t know if Paul is on their side or not and we are left to wonder as …

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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 6

Welcome to my favorite episode of Orphan Black so far! I always say that Sarah is my favorite but this episode might push Alison to the top of my list! Seriously, this is one of those shocking openers that makes me sit back down and wait for the commercial to …

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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 5

Well here we are again with Killer Clone and her caretaker/cult leader. This is a creepy opening shot that looks like someone used an Instagram filter to film it. Cult Guy is nursing Helena back to health and we are left to wonder how these two are linked. Then we …

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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 4

Now we have reached a turning point in this show! This episode makes me want to start marathoning the whole thing! Welcome to the Killer Clone segment where I feel like I need some therapy just to watch this show! Honestly, I really like how things are developing at this …

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Marvel at Disneyland

I never pegged myself for the type of fangirl that moons over cosplay. Yes I think it’s completely amazing and creative but I don’t usually freak out over the Stormtroopers, anime characters, or other costumes I see, that is, until now. I had the opportunity to visit Disneyland a few …

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Happy 75th Anniversary Batman!

I hope you were at your local comics shop yesterday since DC Comics declared July 23 as Batman Day! To celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th Anniversary, comic shops around the world were giving away Batman bookmarks, bags, a Batman cape, and four different Batman masks. The masks were created to …

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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 3

So, we are on to episode 3 now and I’m still not convinced that I like this show or that it’s worth my time. I know we are establishing the characters, setting, and story but I just don’t feel like there have been enough wow moments to hook me yet. …

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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 2

We last left Sarah with a car full of bullet holes, speeding away, with a German (also full of bullet holes) in the back seat.  The German is dead and Sarah decides to finally answer the pink cell phone that’s been ringing randomly over the past few days.  The woman …

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