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Awesome Con 2015: It’s Morphin Time!

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made their presence known at Awesome Con this year! Now I have the theme music stuck in my head.  In 2014 Walter Jones and David Yost, the original black and blue Power Ranger came but in 2015 they were joined by the original red ranger …

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Comikaze 2015 Jet Set Nerds Panel

One of the Saturday panel’s at Comikaze I attended was Jet Set Nerds. These group of traveling girls talk about visiting nerdy destinations all over the world and give out helpful travel tips. The full panel is below, but please note there is adult language so viewer discretion is advised …

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Oxnard Steampunk Fest

What if I were to tell you that there is a place where the works of Jules Verne are the order of the day? It is a place where sci-fi and fantasy meet, forming fantastical machines covered in gears, gushing steam from coal powered engines. It is a place where …

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My SpartaCon 2015 Weekend Part II

To check out the first part of my SpartaCon Journey click here.  Let’s get to it with Part II: I went to two panels on Saturday and one on Sunday. One of the panels was a viewing of the web series Swords of Insurgency written and directed by Michael Neal …

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My SpartaCon 2015 Weekend Part I

The very first SpartaCon took place on August 15 and 16th  at the Blue Crabs baseball stadium in Waldorf, MD.  As a fan of the show Spartacus there was really no excuse for me not going since I live in Maryland.  I finally got to interact with fellow fans of …

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Dragonfest 2015 – My First Con

Sci-fi. Comic books. Anime. Cosplay. Martial Arts. Furries (shudder). Nerds love just about everything. And for every thing that nerds love there seems to be a con, or convention. Despite openly declaring myself a nerd, I had yet to have actually gone to a con. That changed last weekend when …

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