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July, 2020

  • 5 July

    MLB Season Schedule Releasing?

    I have some interesting news on the MLB season. The MLB plans to release schedule for a 60-game season on Monday (tomorrow). The schedule is expected to feature the New York Yankees at Washington Nationals and San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers on July 23. Nightengale noted the remaining …

  • 1 July

    NFL Preseason Games Shortened?

    So, it appears that the NFL has shortened the preseason games by eliminating weeks 1 and 4. This is the second amendment to the preseason schedule this year following the league’s cancellation of the annual Hall of Fame Game, which typically serves as the first exhibition game of the season. …

June, 2020

  • 22 June

    Final MLB Season Updates?

    I have some more interesting news about baseball. It appears that the MLB season is set to return this year. The commissioner will impose a 60-gm season if players can report by July 1 and agree on health and safety protocols. They also asked the players to respond by Tuesday …

  • 20 June

    MLB Season Updates?

    I have some interesting news about baseball. The MLB already planned on having a 60-game season. However, though, all the baseball players want to have more games. So, the MLB decided to change the season to 70 games which may start on July 19-September 30. Spring training is expected to …

  • 3 June

    NBA Season, Will it Continue?

    I have some interesting news about NBA season. It appears that NBA is set to resume the season with 22 teams, and all the games will be played at Disney World. The teams will play eight regular-season games before the playoffs begin at ESPN Wide World of Sports complex on …

  • 1 June

    MLB Season?

    I have some interesting news about baseball. It appears that the MLB might propose shorter season which the baseball players would get full prorated salaries. The commissioner Manfred said they could cut the length of the season short, like 40-50 games and pay prorated salaries. However, there is no intention …

April, 2020

  • 8 April

    NFL Draft Update

    So, the NFL draft which is supposed to take place on April 23-25 in Las Vegas this year. The NFL has told all the teams to prepare to pick virtually because of coronavirus. The NFL will hold ‘fully virtual draft’ with coaches, GMs. In an effort to maintain social distancing,they …

  • 4 April

    NFL Draft, The Cardinals, and MLB

    So, it appears that the NFL draft will take place on April 23-25 (Thursday through Saturday) which is 3 weeks away. This year’s NFL draft will be taking place in Las Vegas where the Raiders are supposed to play this upcoming season. The Arizona Cardinals in the draft will be …

March, 2020

  • 18 March

    Huge NFL Free Agency News!

    The NFL Free Agency starts today, but there are some players (as of yesterday) who have already been traded and signed by some teams. For example, the Arizona Cardinals have traded running back David Johnson to the Houston Texans for wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. The Cardinals received cash considerations and …

February, 2020

  • 8 February

    I Just Knew It! 49ers Blew It!

    So, I was right, the Chiefs have won the Super Bowl! I predicted that the Chiefs would win 35-31 in a shootout, but the actual score was 31-20 over the 49ers. The 49ers defense was unsettled because the Chiefs saved the no-huddle and used it at the right time. I …

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