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Episode 56: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I love the discussion we had on this episode. Gotham and Legends of Tomorrow were dissected as we tried to predict what future seasons hold (Court of Owls and Justice Society anyone…).  The Flash has a pivotal episode, and Arrow moves toward its own season finale. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 55: Tornado of Love

What a week. We laughed, we cried, we flailed. Join us for the newest episode of DCTV as we discuss a stellar episode of Gotham, an amazing Flash, and Arrow.  With so much happening in TV news we spend time discussing Supergirl and the impending move to the CW network.

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Episode 54: Speed Babies

Flash, Flash, and more Flash. the bar is raised again with another stellar episode. Gotham continues it’s stellar season, and Arrow has a somewhat interesting episode. We hash it out on this episode of The DCTV Podcast.

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Episode 53: Supergirl Can’t What?

James has so many questions…but then again so do all of us. We’re back with a new episode as we focus on Gotham, Supergirl (she can’t do what?!), The Flash, and Arrow this week. But seriously…what’s up with Arrow?  

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Episode 14: Haters Gonna Hate

http://   It’s been two long weeks since our last discussion on the ever-changing DCTV Universe.  Join us as we recap Gotham, Flash, and Arrow. We also talk about why Gotham is the show so many seem to hate. Just for the record, we like it. Thanks for the listen!

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Episode 13: All Things Considered

http://   Here we go. In episode 13 we discuss all new episodes of Gotham, The Flash and Arrow.  Find out what we think of the latest casting news for Supergirl, source material vs. creative license, and our hope for DC shows.

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Episode 12 Gotham Rises

I never thought this would happen… Gotham won the week. Come listen to your favorite DC nuts geek out over the latest episode of Gotham, as well and the anticipated return of both Flash and Arrow. Thanks for the support!

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DCTV Episode 5

Finally here!! In this episode we talk the greatness of Flash, how much we love Arrow, and why we’re still sticking around for Gotham. Also, why do we always end up talking Star Wars? Find out why in episode five..

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DCTV Episode 4

Hey we’re back with another episode of DCTV. This week we recap Gotham, Flash, and Arrow. We had a phenomenal week of DC inspired television. It was so good we had to have a special guest. Jesse from The Nerd Truth website and podcast is with us to discuss our …

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