Convention Interviews

August, 2020

April, 2019

  • 12 April

    2019 Great Philly Con w/ The Expanse’s Cas Anvar!

    Before the low key craziness of Great Philly Comic Con, Natty chatted with guest Cas Anvar aka Alex Kamal of the Expanse! Yes, I already know about totally blanking near the end there. As always, it was fun talking with Anvar about the latest season. I look forward to the …

October, 2018

  • 15 October

    Supergirl Taking on Real-World Issues in Season 4

    Last Time on Supergirl When we last left the denizens of National City, Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and the team had defeated the Kryptonian plan to terraform the Earth into a new Krypton. J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter (David Harewood) mourned the loss of his father (Carl Lumbly), who gave his life to …

September, 2018

  • 4 September

    Part 2: The Purge Film Franchise Expands to Television – SDCC 2018

    As mentioned in our main Purge article, actors Fiona Dourif, Amanda Warren, and Gabriel Chavarria, who star in The Purge TV show, were also present at SDCC 2018 to discuss their roles in the show and whatever else about it they were allowed to say without major spoilers. Dourif plays …

  • 4 September

    The Purge Film Franchise Expands to Television – SDCC 2018

    At the end of The First Purge (2018), the fourth entry in the now-franchise that began with 2013’s The Purge, audiences who stayed through the credits were treated to a teaser trailer for the upcoming TV series (also titled The Purge) on the USA Network. It was a nice surprise …

August, 2018

  • 29 August

    Dragon Con: Cas Anvar is a Newbie Too!

    Dragon Con has been on my bucket list of conventions to attend. From Thursday, August 30 through Monday September 3 an estimated 85,000 fans will descend to Atlanta, take over five major downtown hotels, and geek out 24/7.  Finally, I will be there this year as a newbie! I will …

  • 22 August

    Mr. Mercedes Returns for Another Season of Detective Work and Mayhem (SDCC 2018)

    Last season on Mr. Mercedes, the AT&T original series which airs on the Audience network, Det. Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) finally proved that the deranged Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway) was the “Mr. Mercedes” killer. The show, based on the first novel in the Bill Hodges trilogy by Stephen King (who …

  • 22 August

    Mr. Mercedes, Part Two: Actor Roundtables at SDCC 2018

    The following are excerpts from the roundtable interviews with Mr. Mercedes’ Justine Lupe (Holly Gibney), Breeda Wool (Lou Linklatter), Jack Huston (Dr. Felix Babineau), and Maximiliano Hernández (ADA Antonio Montez). The answers have been grouped under similar topic headings, although each took place separately at San Diego Comic-Con 2018: On …

  • 14 August

    Jack Danger Demos Stern Pinball’s Iron Maiden Machine at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

    Since 1999, Stern Pinball, Inc. has been bringing branded pinball machines to the masses, including popular titles “The Simpsons Pinball Party” (2003), “AC/DC” (2012), and “Star Wars” (2017), which was featured at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 both on the exhibition floor and in a pinball lounge at the San Diego …

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