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Legion M Launches “Mini-IPO” Investment Offering

Legion M (who we have covered previously at Phoenix Comicon 2016 and Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con 2017) today announced they are launching a “mini-IPO” today.  The purpose of this is to allow Legion M to raise up to ten-figures and gives fans an equity state in the company’s slate of …

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Work Day Gone Horribly Wrong in “The Belko Experiment”

The dread starts early in the new horror extravaganza, The Belko Experiment, a self-assured, horrifying, and occasionally horrifyingly funny, outing. In fact, I enjoyed this film unabashedly—if you can call cringing in your seat for nearly the entirety of the 88-minute runtime enjoyment. Between James Gunn’s smart, taut script and …

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Dezbot’s Academy Award 2017 Predictions

Oscar® time is upon us once again, meaning it’s time to make some predictions about who or what will take home the naked golden guy statuette at this year’s ceremony. I’m only giving commentary on the categories where I saw the most films (basically, the Big Six) or have other …

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2017’s Oscar®-Nominated Animated Shorts A Strong Collection

It’s almost Academy Awards time, and I’ve been diligently seeing as many of the nominated films as possible, including the animated shorts. This year’s animated shorts are generally strong all-around, at least animation-wise; story-wise, the bag is a little more mixed. Here’s a brief overview of the Oscar®-nominated animated shorts, …

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Raunch for Raunch’s Sake in Dank “Halloweed”

Mixing genres is never easy, although successful hybrids can make it seem so. Adding horror to comedy can be an especially hard trick to pull off. Get the right balance of frights and jokes and you get classics such as Evil Dead II or Slither. Get it wrong and you …

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“Shin Godzilla”’s Mutant Horror

Having already conquered Japan, the latest Toho-produced Godzilla film, Shin Godzilla (a.k.a. Godzilla Resurgence, although the Japanese “shin” means “new” in English), has come ashore for a special week of screenings in major theaters across the country. A rebooting of the entire Godzilla mythos, Shin Godzilla imagines the King of …

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Michael Paré Seeking “Shelter” in the Wrong Place

John Fallon’s latest movie The Shelter starring Michael Paré is set to be released this November in theaters as well as on-demand. More information including trailer and pictures courtesy of their press release: JOHN FALLON’S THE SHELTER COMING TO THEATERS, ON DEMAND THIS NOVEMBER Written, directed and produced by John …

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Review of Chris Kelly’s Other People

Recently I had a chance to attend San Diego International Film Festival’s opening night and see their opening film. The film they chose this year to open the festival was Other People directed and written by Chris Kelly (making is debut as a movie director) and starring Jesse Plemons, Molly Shannon, Bradley Whitford, Maude …

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“Demon” Excels in Eerie Atmosphere, Dark Comedy

Combining elements of the traditional Jewish legend of the dybbuk, a malicious “clinging ghost,” with elements of Poland’s own past in the Holocaust, Demon, director Marcin Wrona’s final work, is an effective ghost story, both elegiac and darkly comic at the same time. Known internationally as The Dybbuk, the joint …

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