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April, 2018

  • 16 April

    Ash Vs. Evil Dead Recap – S3, Ep 308, “Rifting Apart”

    “Rifting Apart” – Director: Mark Beesely; Writer: Bryan Hill Review It’s no secret that Ash Vs. Evil Dead has been having a ratings problem, as lamented on a weekly basis not just by yours truly, but by AvED fandom across social media (#bringbackboomstick). The stars of the show have given …

  • 14 April

    The Expanse Season 3: Alex the Observer

    The premiere episode of Syfy’s The Expanse was intense! I got teary-eyed a few times in this episode.  Once was when Alex (Cas Anvar) sent a video message to his family.  It was rare to see such a personal moment with the character and Anvar acted the hell out of …

  • 9 April

    Ash Vs. Evil Dead Recap – S3, Ep 307, “Twist and Shout”

    “Twist and Shout” – Director: Mark Beesley; Writer: Caitlin Meares Review Several of the previews and promotions leading up this season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead emphasized that Ash’s mettle would be tested repeatedly this season, and none more so than in “Twist and Shout.” Not only does he find …

  • 2 April

    Ash Vs. Evil Dead Recap – S3, Ep 306, “Tales from the Rift”

    I’ve decided to flip my regular format for good and provide my review before the recap. After last week’s grotesquerie and my reaction to it, I feel like I need to say something before my normal blow-by-bloody-blow recap. The recap will of course include my usual silly commentary sprinkled throughout. …

March, 2018

  • 26 March

    Ash Vs. Evil Dead Recap – S3, Ep 305, “Baby Proof”

    I’m breaking with my usual format to bring you a special Dezbot Commentary on That Scene. You know the one if you’ve seen the episode and if you haven’t, why are you reading this spoilerrific recap? Go watch the show on Starz and come back! A Special Dezbot Commentary We’re …

  • 18 March

    Ash vs. Evil Dead Recap – S3, Ep 304, “Unfinished Business”

    Previously on Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Ash (Bruce Campbell) attended Candy’s (Katrina Hobbs) funeral to support Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill). Candy’s corpse reanimated and Ash had to re-behead it, to everyone’s dismay. Ruby (Lucy Lawless) revealed herself to Ash. Ash filled in Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), Pablo (Ray Santiago), and Dalton (Linsday …

  • 11 March

    Ash vs. Evil Dead Recap – S3, Ep 303, “Apparently Dead”

    Previously on Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Ruby (Lucy Lawless) spawned a toothsome baby demon that has a fleshy chainsaw for one hand, while a couple of hapless hitchhikers became baby’s first meals. Dalton (Lindsay Farris) reveals more about Ruby’s and the Knights of Sumeria’s origins. He mentions a sorceress named …

  • 5 March

    Ash Vs. Evil Dead Recap – S3, Ep 302, “Booth Three”

    Previously on Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Ash (Bruce Campbell) re-opened his dad’s hardware store as a “hardware store/sex emporium,” Ashy Slashy’s. Pablo (Ray Santiago) works with him and also runs the Pablito’s Fish & Chips cart outside the store. The woman who found the Necronomicon brought it to a TV …

February, 2018

  • 26 February

    The Tick’s Edlund and Josephson Discuss the Show’s First Season and Tease Its Future

    Now that Amazon Studios has dropped the second half of season one of its newest show, The Tick, on its Prime Video service, and you’ve had a whole weekend to catch up, the Nerd Element can finally share its spoiler-iffic interview with creator/writer/executive producer Ben Edlund and executive producer Barry …

  • 25 February

    Ash Vs. Evil Dead Recap – S3, Ep 301, “Family” (Season Premiere)

    It’s been a long time since we laid eyes on Ash and the Ghostbeaters—since December 11, 2016, in fact. In the meantime, showrunner Craig DiGregorio left due to a conflict with executive producer Rob Tapert, and the show, which had before premiered near Halloween, was pushed out to February 25, …

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