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April, 2017

  • 23 April

    Into the Badlands S2E6 Recap/Review: Leopard Stalks Through Snow

    I love how each episode title gives them more depth. Recap The Badlands Lydia (Orla Brady) wakes up from the blast with dead bodies, body parts, guts strewn about. Quinn (Martin Csokas) and his soldiers cut the throats of the clippers still whole.  Lydia looks on in horror when Quinn …

  • 23 April

    APB’s Ernie Hudson Previews Finale

    The Fox show APB came as a pleasant surprise.  The show is about Gideon Reeves (Justin Kirk), billionaire engineer who revamps Chicago’s 13th district to a technically advanced police force after the death of his best friend.  The police officers he works with closely include Captain Ned Conrad, played by …

  • 22 April

    Into the Badlands S2E5 Recap/Review: Monkey Leaps Through Mist

    Written by LaToya Morgan and directed by Paco Cabezas, this episode brought cute kids in danger and ghosts. Recap Outside the Badlands Bajie (Nick Frost) and Sunny (Danny Wu) make it to Nos’s (Marc Rissman) domain to bargain getting into the Badlands through smuggle routes.  Nos knows Bajie from way …

  • 19 April

    ABC Freeform 2017 Upfronts

    FreeForm upfronts commenced today displaying some new shows due to hit Freeform in 2018. Some notable mentions include Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, Marvel’s New Warriors and the new drama “Siren” which takes place in a town associated with the legend of mermaids. The full press release is below BREAKING NEWS …

March, 2017

  • 30 March

    The Magicians: Fen Needs a Win

    via GIPHY Since the beginning of the Magicians I’ve taken a special interest in Fen. Her story has deviated greatly from the novels, and it’s been interesting to note the differences in the televised version.  The show however has grown on me. This is due in part to the innocence …

  • 27 March

    The Magicians S2E9 Recap/Review: Lesser Evils

    There is just so much to talk about in this episode! Here we go! Recap Brakebills Quentin (Jason Ralph) is placed in a cage for protection by Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy).  Professor Lipson (Keegan Connor Tracy) gives him a quick exam using these colored lenses.  Result:  He’s dying fast.  He …

  • 26 March

    Into the Badlands S2E2 Recap/Review: Force of the Eagle’s Claw

    Sunny (Daniel Wu) makes his escape to get back to his love while MK (Aramis Night) fights himself to take control of his powers.  Is he successful? Let’s find out! Recap The Monastery It’s nighttime and MK wakes up from a fitful sleep to see the Master (Chipo Chung) looking …

  • 19 March

    Into the Badlands S2E1 Recap/Review: Tiger Pushes Mountain

    The season premiere did not disappoint!  I felt the episode was aptly named considering what happened.  The song in the beginning was dope too! Let’s get to it! Recap Sunny (Daniel Wu) Sunny is sent to a mining colony.  Seeing an opportunity after meeting the boss, who calls himself The …

  • 18 March

    Into the Badlands: What I’m Hoping for in Season 2!

    This show was a pleasant, refreshing surprise last season on AMC.  As one of my favorites, I’m glad that on Sunday, March 17 at 10 pm Eastern, it will be back on my TV screen.  Aramis Knight, who plays MK, teased what was in store for the sophomore season:  “I …

  • 16 March

    The Magicians S2E8 Recap/Review: Word as Bond

    Funny thing about word as bond agreements on this show, at least one person tries to find a way to renege on it, as seen on this week’s episode of The Magicians. Recap via GIPHY Eliot’s (Hale Appelman) spirit needs to move from his Golem to his real body.  It …

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