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TV Interviews

Interviews with showrunners, crew, and stars of TV shows

APB’s Ernie Hudson Previews Finale

The Fox show APB came as a pleasant surprise.  The show is about Gideon Reeves (Justin Kirk), billionaire engineer who revamps Chicago’s 13th district to a technically advanced police force after the death of his best friend.  The police officers he works with closely include Captain Ned Conrad, played by …

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The Magicians: Fen Needs a Win

via GIPHY Since the beginning of the Magicians I’ve taken a special interest in Fen. Her story has deviated greatly from the novels, and it’s been interesting to note the differences in the televised version.  The show however has grown on me. This is due in part to the innocence …

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Candle Cove: Processing and Sneak Peaks

Last week’s episode of SyFy’s creepy anthology, Channel Zero: Candle Cove “A Strange Vessel,” revealed that grudges can last a very long time.  Spirit Eddie (Luca Villacis) got his revenge by having Ms. Booth (Marina Stephensen Kerr) through her minions kill sweet gal Jessica Yolen (Natalie Brown) who I felt …

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Candle Cove Described in One Word: Creepy

This is usually the time of year where several channels will show the classic horror films and nostalgia could reign.  However when I saw previews for SyFy’s Channel Zero: Candle Cove, I figured I would latch onto the six episode min-series for my horror fix instead of only watching the …

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Killjoys: The Jaqobi Brothers Push Through

Brothers John and D’avin Jaqobi have been through the ringer this season.  From Khlyen trying to put green goo into D’avin, to John getting in serious trouble in the name of Old Town, this is a definite rough patch.  Despite this, the brothers have managed to remain close and support …

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Killjoys: I Really Love LucyBot

Since last season one of the many side characters that I’ve grown to love is the spaceship Lucy, voiced by Tamsen McDonough.  Showrunner Michelle Lovretta and the writers helped create a character that Aaron Ashmore affectionately calls the “fourth” member of the Killjoy team.  Her sassy wit and loyalty to …

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Cas Anwar Teases The Expanse S2

Several friends recommended that I watch the hit SyFy show The Expanse but I kept procrastinating because I seriously struggled through the first episode! When the opportunity arose to interview Cas Anwar, who plays the character Alex Kamal, I had to buckle down and watch it.  After finally getting through …

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Linden Ashby, Everyone’s Dad

I wasn’t lying when I said that Linden Ashby was awesome to talk to.  He mentioned in the first part of our interview (found here) how some fans wished he was their dad. Well after hearing about him tearing up during the father-daughter dance at his daughter’s wedding, I have to …

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