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Deaf U – a Netflix Reality Show Worth Watching

Deaf U is a new reality series from Netflix, debuting on October 9th. The synopsis of the series is below: A coming-of-age documentary series following a tight-knit group of deaf students at Gallaudet University, a renowned private college for the deaf and hard of hearing, in Washington, D.C. As the …

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“Utopia” A Predictable Mixed Bag of Tricks

By Désirée Guzzetta The following review is based on viewing the first seven episodes; the spoiler level is minimal. After several years in development limbo, the American remake of the cult British series, “Utopia,” is finally making its debut on Amazon Prime Video. The British original was created by Dennis …

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Doctor Who “Rosa” Episode Review

Whew lawd! This episode of Doctor Who I was anticipating and dreading at the same time. Now that “Rosa” has aired I am still on the fence.  What was good about the episode? What was considered missed opportunities? Here are my thoughts on the matter. The Good Writers Malorie Blackman …

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Killjoys S04E01: The Warrior and The Thief

Who knows how much time has passed since Aneela and Yalena entered the green in order to confront and stop the Lady from wreaking havoc. But it’s long enough for Dutch to be injured. Badly. But Khylen has a solution to everything…a story! And not just any story. Welcome to …

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Wynonna Earp S03E01: Fangless and Glitter-Free

It’s been a scant 4 months since little Alice Michelle was born and whisked away from Purgatory and our gang is busy hunting Revenants (as always) over at Pussy Willows. But more importantly, they’re also hunting clues to track down Bulshar. And by “hunting” I mean Wynonna’s getting rip-roaring drunk …

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