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Review and new news on Alan Tudyk’s Con Man

As an avid convention goer I’ve always wanted to be privy to what goes on behind the scenes, especially with the actors that we love, adore, and obsess over.  Using parody, some tongue-in-cheek humor, and a slew of guest stars, Con Man (the brainchild of Alan Tudyk) answers those questions and …

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Agents of SHIELD Midseason Recap and Preview

Marvel Agents of SHIELD returns from winter break Tuesday March 8th. Yay! I’m really looking forward to where the story is going as it helps sets up the movie Civil War!  Here is a recap of the 1st half of the season:  SHIELD and government organization called the Advanced Threat Containment …

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The 100: Ye Who Enter Here aka To Bow or Not to Bow, That is the Question

It’s been a full week since Clarke was dragged kicking and screaming from Lexa’s throne room; and since then, Lexa’s honored Clarke’s wish to leave her alone. Time however is not on their side so Lexa makes another attempt to talk to Clarke about the serious issues they both face.  …

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The 100: Wanheda Pt. 2 aka Blondes Have More Fun

Wanheda Pt. 2 picks up just a few hours after Part 1 (which you can read my recap of here) left off.  Bellamy and his team, now tired of sitting and waiting to be ambushed, decide to make a run for it. Except…whoops… The rest of the team is forced …

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