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Episode 15: Wynonna Earp Season 1 Review

Wynonna Earp, a badass chick with a big gun called peacemaker.  This show was such a pleasant surprise this spring!  Please join Natasha aka Natty Willy, Kim, and guests Kevin Bachelder from the Tales of a Black Badge podcast @WynonnaFans and Steve @SaylerSteve from SyFy Talk podcast on Fangirl Zone …

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Episode 11: “X-Files More Home! SIKE!”

Time for more X-Files!  This time Natasha and James discuss episodes three and four of X-Files. We talk lizard men, the false promise of Home Again, and then veer off course in 80’s horror films.  Also, don’t let James get van.  Listen and see when we mean.

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Episode 10: “X-Files Season 10 is Here”

After 15 years, it’s here!!!! We are so excited!  Llana, Michelle, James, and special guest, Christine from the X-Files Addicts podcast, discuss the the premiere of the 10th season of X-Files. Warning: Lots of gushing ahead.  Bring a tarp.

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SciFantasy Podcast Ep 9: Trek Isolation

Welcome to another episode of SciFantasy Podcast!  In this episode Natasha aka Natty Willy talks with special guest Eric “The Smoke” Moran about his latest project “Trek Isolation.”  First though we get to know The Smoke through his experience as a wrestler, convention appearances, cosplay, and find out who is …

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