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Pretty Little Liars S5Ep14 Through a Glass, Darkly

Melanie Woltz
Amidst the vast sea of questions revolving around Pretty Little Liars, one thing is for sure, this show sure knows how to come back with a bang! We pick up 3 months after the Christmas...

Pretty Little Liars S5x13 How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas

Melanie Woltz
Deck the hall with boughs and bodies, fa la la la la…. Pretty Little Liars first Christmas special brought us all the glitz, glamour and shiver inducing creepiness we could ask for this holiday season....
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Pretty Little Liars 5×08 “March of Crimes”

Melanie Woltz
We pick up where we left off last episode, Ali having just admitted she employed Noel Kahn to scare the bejeezus out of Mrs. Marin to Spencer and Emily, with Hanna joining soon after. The...
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PLL 5×08 “Scream For Me”

Melanie Woltz
Our little liars are attempting a foray into the Rosewood High Choir, opening with a harmonious A cappella version of “What Child is This?”  Hanna is obviously hung over, Aria is holding a serious grudge...

Everyone is A: A Pretty Little Liars Podcast Episode 6 “Paige and The Rat”

Check out our 6th episode of Everyone Is A A PLL Podcast as we review the newest episode of PLL Run Ali Run. Big Shoutouts to @geneticload @DemiJones4Life @musikklover @notintolabels25 @nerdgirlwalking @pllcrAzy...
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