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Episode 1: “Heroes, Dragons, and Benders Oh My”

HI Everyone, Welcome to our first episode of SciFantasy, the podcast where Sci-Fi and Fantasy meet. On our first episode Kimberly, Natasha and Chris discuss Heroes Reborn, Eragon Book vs Movie, and the debacle tha was M Night’s The Last Airbender. Check out all our podcast at www.thenerdelement.com Subscribe to this …

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TVTalk with Natasha and Kimberly Ep 37.9

Hi Everyone, Check out our first TVTalk Special via podcast which is all about The Legend of Korra. We welcome guest co-hosts Llana from TNE and Blerds on Nerds, Kendra from TNE, and Big Baba Rob from The Black Geeks as we discuss book 3 of The Legend of Korra. …

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Korra’s Korner – Episodes 8 & 9! SPOILERS!

Did you miss us last week? There was an impromptu break due to San Diego Comic-Con, but now we are rested and back! We were presented with the episodes “The Terror Within” and “The Stakeout” in which we learn more about Zaheer and the SuperBenders! ‘The Terror Within’ Following the …

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Korra’s Korner – Episodes 6-7, SPOILERS!

The Legend of Korra once again graced us with its wonderful presence giving, us two brand new episodes – Old Wounds and The Original Airbenders. In these two episodes, we see a lot of character development across the board – seeing our favorite characters grow into those big shoes they …

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Korra’s Korner – Season 3, Episodes 4-5 *Spoilers*

This week in season 3 of the Legend of Korra, two episodes aired, “In Harm’s Way” and “The Metal Clan”. We were introduced into P’Li the Combustion Lady, and Suyin Beifong, the half sister of Lin Beifong! Also Suyin’s daughter, Opal, who is a newly minted Airbender. “In Harm’s Way” …

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Korra’s Corner – Season 3 Episode 1-3 Recap *Spoilers*

The Legend of Korra Season 3 premiered last night with three brand new episodes! Titled “A Breath of Fresh Air,” “Rebirth,” and “The Earth Queen.” The new season deals directly with the results of the Harmonic Convergence – Republic City is covered in spirit vines and spirits AND Airbenders have …

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