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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 6

Welcome to my favorite episode of Orphan Black so far! I always say that Sarah is my favorite but this episode might push Alison to the top of my list! Seriously, this is one of those shocking openers that makes me sit back down and wait for the commercial to …

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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 5

Well here we are again with Killer Clone and her caretaker/cult leader. This is a creepy opening shot that looks like someone used an Instagram filter to film it. Cult Guy is nursing Helena back to health and we are left to wonder how these two are linked. Then we …

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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 3

So, we are on to episode 3 now and I’m still not convinced that I like this show or that it’s worth my time. I know we are establishing the characters, setting, and story but I just don’t feel like there have been enough wow moments to hook me yet. …

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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 2

We last left Sarah with a car full of bullet holes, speeding away, with a German (also full of bullet holes) in the back seat.  The German is dead and Sarah decides to finally answer the pink cell phone that’s been ringing randomly over the past few days.  The woman …

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No Emmy Nomination for Tatiana

  Clone Clubbers have reason to be upset today, Tatiana Maslany has not received the recognition we feel she deserves for all the hard work she does playing 9 clones (so far) on the hit TV show Orphan Black. To fans of the show this should come as a big …

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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 1

I admit it, I had not watched even a few minutes of an episode of Orphan Black, yet I had read a few recaps of the show. I know that seems like a big rule of television fandom I am breaking- reading the recaps without even giving the show a …

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324B21: The Orphan Black Podcast Ep. 8 “If They Touch Me I will Cut Them”

The newest episode of 324B21: The Orphan Black Podcast is up now where we discuss episode 7 of Orphan Black Knowledge of Causes, And Secret Motion of Things. A lot of Shout outs in this episode including: @SecretlyAliar @Kiepa @TIEPodcast @IWONTAPOLOGIZE @CloneClubNews @CloneClubPH @Geek_M0nkey Mindy Phillips for creating FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/CloneClub/ …

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