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Steve Jobs Review

by Evan Jackson The Steve Jobs movie didn’t do well at the box office this weekend, but Oscar contenders that usually go with the limited release to the wide release strategy have notoriously slow starts. The box office success or lack thereof, with only making $7 million domestically in its …

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“Adult Beginners” A Pleasantly Touching Journey

Adult Beginners (2014) Adult Beginners is a surprisingly gentle comedy with a lot of heart and enough bite to keep the story from becoming too sentimental. Nick Kroll stars as Jake, an entrepreneur whose company is about to introduce a Google Glass-type product called “MINDS i”, which fails the night …

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Extant Season Finale Recap: Ascension

Ethan, Ethan, Ethan!!!! He definitely found his purpose in the season finale of Extant. As John put it at the beginning of the episode, “He’s in uncharted territory and so are we.” By the end of the episode that had so much meaning! This alien kid still doesn’t have a …

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Extant: Great Sci-Fi TV Drama

Extant is a great sci-fi drama that features aliens, androids, intrigue, and cool advanced technology set in a not so distant future.  After watching the first episode of the show I wanted to know more about Molly Woods (Halle Berry), her pregnancy, her relationship with her family and Dr. Hideki Yasumuto …

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