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Work Day Gone Horribly Wrong in “The Belko Experiment”

The dread starts early in the new horror extravaganza, The Belko Experiment, a self-assured, horrifying, and occasionally horrifyingly funny, outing. In fact, I enjoyed this film unabashedly—if you can call cringing in your seat for nearly the entirety of the 88-minute runtime enjoyment. Between James Gunn’s smart, taut script and …

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Michael Paré Seeking “Shelter” in the Wrong Place

John Fallon’s latest movie The Shelter starring Michael Paré is set to be released this November in theaters as well as on-demand. More information including trailer and pictures courtesy of their press release: JOHN FALLON’S THE SHELTER COMING TO THEATERS, ON DEMAND THIS NOVEMBER Written, directed and produced by John …

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Post-War Tragedy and Hope in Emotional The Innocents

The French/Polish film, The Innocents (Les Innocents), is quietly beautiful, a haunting and tragic examination of the effects war has on a group of women and on their faith—or the lack thereof. Anchored by a trio of exquisite performances, The Innocents will both break your heart and give you hope. The film …

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Intruder Alert: Bad Film Coming

I have to give it to IFC: Its IFC Midnight imprint is a clever idea, apparently a way to brand potential cult movies—particularly in the horror genre—and get people to view small, independent films which may otherwise be ignored. Unfortunately, its recent entry, Intruder, is pretty bad, not in that …

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Beacon A Warning, Not A Guide

Occasionally, I see a film that’s so bad, I can’t help but be angry that I spent any time watching it. Beacon Point is one of those films. The film fails on multiple levels, even though Rae Olivier, as main protagonist Zoe, gives it her all. What should be Zoe’s …

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Monsterpalooza 2016

Hey guys and gals in nerd world, Antonio here and this past weekend I once again got to attend Monsterpalooza The Art of Monsters. For those of you who don’t know, Monsterpalooza is a convention where you can see the makeup and concept artists who work on various movies, television shows and …

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Silent “Hush” Will Fray Your Nerves

The new horror film, Hush, having had a short festival run this past March, is going straight to streaming on Netflix. The release platform, while understandable, is a bit of shame, as the film is quite good and deserves to be seen in a dark theater on the big screen. …

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10 Cloverfield Lane A Great Place to Visit

10 Cloverfield Lane, the second entry in what appears to be a planned “Cloververse,” is not a sequel to 2008’s found-footage monster movie, Cloverfield, but it shares some commonalities—apart from being produced by J. J. Abrams, that is. There are company names and products (Bold Futura, Slusho!) that appear in …

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Coming Out Party in Campy, Bloody “You’re Killing Me”

You’re Killing Me, a comedy-horror hybrid from director/writer Jim Hansen, takes the coming-out process and grafts it onto the tale of an affectless young man named Joe (Matthew McKelligon), who really, really wants to kill people, but hasn’t yet because his parents had him institutionalized at a young age to …

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