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Work Day Gone Horribly Wrong in “The Belko Experiment”

The dread starts early in the new horror extravaganza, The Belko Experiment, a self-assured, horrifying, and occasionally horrifyingly funny, outing. In fact, I enjoyed this film unabashedly—if you can call cringing in your seat for nearly the entirety of the 88-minute runtime enjoyment. Between James Gunn’s smart, taut script and …

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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Video Game Review

“Welcome to the family, son.” Followed by a punch in the face is something that those who played the Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo know all too well. Now players can finally enjoy the full game that is Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. Your nerd correspondent Antonio is here to give …

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“Shin Godzilla”’s Mutant Horror

Having already conquered Japan, the latest Toho-produced Godzilla film, Shin Godzilla (a.k.a. Godzilla Resurgence, although the Japanese “shin” means “new” in English), has come ashore for a special week of screenings in major theaters across the country. A rebooting of the entire Godzilla mythos, Shin Godzilla imagines the King of …

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Michael Paré Seeking “Shelter” in the Wrong Place

John Fallon’s latest movie The Shelter starring Michael Paré is set to be released this November in theaters as well as on-demand. More information including trailer and pictures courtesy of their press release: JOHN FALLON’S THE SHELTER COMING TO THEATERS, ON DEMAND THIS NOVEMBER Written, directed and produced by John …

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“Demon” Excels in Eerie Atmosphere, Dark Comedy

Combining elements of the traditional Jewish legend of the dybbuk, a malicious “clinging ghost,” with elements of Poland’s own past in the Holocaust, Demon, director Marcin Wrona’s final work, is an effective ghost story, both elegiac and darkly comic at the same time. Known internationally as The Dybbuk, the joint …

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Intruder Alert: Bad Film Coming

I have to give it to IFC: Its IFC Midnight imprint is a clever idea, apparently a way to brand potential cult movies—particularly in the horror genre—and get people to view small, independent films which may otherwise be ignored. Unfortunately, its recent entry, Intruder, is pretty bad, not in that …

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Beacon A Warning, Not A Guide

Occasionally, I see a film that’s so bad, I can’t help but be angry that I spent any time watching it. Beacon Point is one of those films. The film fails on multiple levels, even though Rae Olivier, as main protagonist Zoe, gives it her all. What should be Zoe’s …

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Source Point and EDE Bell Interview MCCC 2016

  As always at Artist Alley there are several vendors that I’m either seriously tempted to buy something from and/or decide to interview because their comics, art, or books sound really interesting.  Here are a few that I interviewed at Motor City Comic Con, which took place between Friday May …

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Silent “Hush” Will Fray Your Nerves

The new horror film, Hush, having had a short festival run this past March, is going straight to streaming on Netflix. The release platform, while understandable, is a bit of shame, as the film is quite good and deserves to be seen in a dark theater on the big screen. …

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