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Episode 14: Haters Gonna Hate

http://   It’s been two long weeks since our last discussion on the ever-changing DCTV Universe.  Join us as we recap Gotham, Flash, and Arrow. We also talk about why Gotham is the show so many seem to hate. Just for the record, we like it. Thanks for the listen!

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Episode 13: All Things Considered

http://   Here we go. In episode 13 we discuss all new episodes of Gotham, The Flash and Arrow.  Find out what we think of the latest casting news for Supergirl, source material vs. creative license, and our hope for DC shows.

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Gotham S1 Ep 12 Recap: What the Little Birdie Told Him

We pick up where we left off last week with the two Arkham Asylum escapees Jack Gruber (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Aaron Helzinger (Kevin McCormick).  They go to Irwin’s Electronics store to stock up.  Gruber knows the owner of the shop. Gruber got double crossed by him and someone else. The …

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Gotham S1 Ep 11 Recap “Rogues’ Gallery”

Gotham comes back from its winter hiatus with James Gordon working in Arkham Asylum.  It’s so nice to see Morena Baccharin of Firefly fame back on the TV screen as Dr. Leslie Thompkins. We start the episode with a play some of the patients have put on for some of their …

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DCTV Episode 5

Finally here!! In this episode we talk the greatness of Flash, how much we love Arrow, and why we’re still sticking around for Gotham. Also, why do we always end up talking Star Wars? Find out why in episode five..

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DCTV Episode 6

  Episode 6 is here and we lost it! We’re proud of this one…it’s a little long but we had so much to discuss. First we tackle the creepiest scene in Gotham (think flowers in the attic), Flash, and of course Arrow. We talk animation, the Marvel announcement and a …

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DCTV Episode 7

  It’s been far too long! We missed you! Join myself (Llana), James and Michelle as we discuss Gotham, Flash, Arrow, the DC convergence…and yes Star Wars. This episode was a blast to record and we hope you enjoy it too. Thanks for listening!  

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DCTV Episode 8

  Join us for another fun episode of DCTV podcast where your hosts Llana, James and Michelle discuss the world of DC comics television.  This episode we discuss Gotham, Flash, and Arrow as we count down to the highly anticipated crossover episode. Thanks for listening!!

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