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Killjoys: I Really Love LucyBot

Since last season one of the many side characters that I’ve grown to love is the spaceship Lucy, voiced by Tamsen McDonough.  Showrunner Michelle Lovretta and the writers helped create a character that Aaron Ashmore affectionately calls the “fourth” member of the Killjoy team.  Her sassy wit and loyalty to …

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Killjoys S2E6 Recap: I Love Lucy

OMG Lucy (Tamsen McDonough)! Gosh it was so good to see her in the flesh!  On to the recap! Davin (Luke MacFarlane) is undercover to catch a warrant when he almost drinks acid.  It was gross the way the guy poured the drink like he was peeing into the cup!  …

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 Killjoys S2E5 Recap:  Meet the Parents

Between a killer fog and mind swapping, this episode was jam packed! Shout out to Luke McFarlane (Davin) and Rob Stewart (Khlyen) for doing an awesome job acting like each other!  On to the recap! Freaky Friday We start the episode this week with Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and Davin back …

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Killjoys S2E4 Recap: Schooled

Our favorite Killjoys go to school in this episode and run into a familiar face.  On to the recap! We start the episode in a place where alarms are going off.  A boy wakes up from stasis screaming!  On Lucy, Davin (Luke McFarlane) and Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) are practicing on …

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Killjoys S2E3 Recap: Shaft

This episode was creeeepy in a good way! So many thoughts in my head about what they found out in the mines!  On to the recap! Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) wakes up in a cave.  John (Aaron Ashmore) is trying to reach her but the comm link has a bad connection.  …

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Killjoys S2E2 Recap: Wild, Wild Westerly

I loved the music! Several songs fit well in the scenes chosen in the episode. Here we go with the recap! Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) starts the episode off by looking at herself in the mirror.  When she bends down to look at something her mirror image is still standing looking smug. That’s weird.  …

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