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Dark Matter S2E10 Recap: Take the Shot

Well now we know where Android (Zoie Palmer) was! On to the recap! While recharging, Android was having a serious dream of her and loverboy Victor (Brendan Murray) the droid that kissed her in episode 4.  Things were getting hot and heavy between the two.  Clothes were coming off when …

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Dark Matter S2E9 Recap: Going out Fighting!

This episode was soo good! It had a slightly happier ending than Killjoys that’s for sure! On to the recap!   We start this episode on the right note in that FINALLY Four (Alex Mallari Jr) and Nyx (Melanie Liburd) “fyx”ed that itch they were having for each other over …

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Dark Matter S2E7 Recap:  She’s One of Them Now

Five (Jodelle Ferland), Three (Anthony Lemke) and Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) go on a mission in this week’s episode! On to the recap! We start the episode with Two (Melissa O’Neil), Three, and Six (Roger Cross) indirectly helping their handler Talbor Calcheck (David Hewlitt) deal with a dissatisfied client.  Two …

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