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MLB Schedule Updates

I have some interesting updates about the MLB schedule. They have released the MLB schedule prior to the covid-19 cases in Florida. The schedule says that the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies will be playing on Monday, and the Miami Marlins and the Baltimore Orioles are scheduled to …

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MLB New Updates

I have some interesting information about the MLB season. There are some rumors that the MLB possibly might be talking about expanding the playoffs to 16-team 2020 playoffs with a selection show which it has to be agreed on before opening day (today and tomorrow). The expanded playoffs would give …

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MLB Season Updates?

I have some interesting news about baseball. The MLB already planned on having a 60-game season. However, though, all the baseball players want to have more games. So, the MLB decided to change the season to 70 games which may start on July 19-September 30. Spring training is expected to …

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MLB Season?

I have some interesting news about baseball. It appears that the MLB might propose shorter season which the baseball players would get full prorated salaries. The commissioner Manfred said they could cut the length of the season short, like 40-50 games and pay prorated salaries. However, there is no intention …

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