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Quick Reviews: Shaun The Sheep Movie and The Gift

Two quick reviews of films that came out the weekend of August 7, 2015, one for the family and one for adults (and mature teens) only: Shaun The Sheep Movie (2015) Shaun The Sheep Movie, the latest from Aardman Animation, is an utterly charming and funny film that will please both …

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Kill Me Three Times Occasionally Misfires

Kill Me Three Times (2014) Kill Me Three Times is a pitch-black comedy-thriller from Down Under that’s finally made its way to the States after a short stint on the festival circuit. A departure from the family-friendly fare of director Kriv Stenders’ previous feature, 2011’s Red Dog, Kill Me Three …

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Focus Review

By Evan Jackson In the heist movie Focus Will Smith isn’t saving the world and he isn’t the endearing hero at the end of the day.  You can’t trust him at all and that’s what makes Focus so entertaining. In this movie Will Smith plays con-man Nicky Spurgeon, who is …

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