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The Carmilla Movie Is Your Halloween Pregame

The Carmilla Movie

The Carmilla Movie Is Your Halloween Pregame Wear your garlic necklace, ready your holy water, and pull that wooden stake out of storage, the Carmilla Movie drops on Thursday and is treating us all to a little pre-Halloween vampire bloodlust!  The web series based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s gothic vampire …

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Vampire Girlfriends

If you have read any of my other articles you know that I am completely obsessed with the fantastic web series Carmilla. Vampires, ancient fish gods, and relationship drama is apparently what I need in a short format show. Camilla just wrapped filming for the final season and I can’t …

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I’m In Love With a Vampire (series)

Usually vampire stories are not my thing…I’ve never read Twilight or Dracula, never watched True Blood or The Strain. But right now, I’m completely obsessed with everything vampire and it’s all because of Carmilla. If you haven’t been following the Carmilla web series on YouTube, then you need to start …

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