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Xbox One Update On The Way


Xbox One Update On The Way

Microsoft has a revealed that a firmware update for the Xbox One will be rolling out this week.  It will bring new capabilities and features to the next gen console.

Starting this week, owners will be able to attach up to two external USB 3.0 drives to their Xbox.

In a move similar to the PS4, there will also be an option to add your real name to your gamertag for your friends to see.

Other new features include, using the SmartGlass Xbox companion app to change the order of the dashboard pins, the ability to watch Twitch feeds on your tablet or phone, and using it as a universal remote to control your TV and set-top boxes. You can also use your Kinect’s voice commands to change channels and volume.

Also, the updates to Xbox Live Gold will be going into effect this week.  You no longer need to have a Gold subscription to access 180 apps, such as HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Netflix.  Those who do have a Gold subscription will now receive two games a month under the Games for Gold promotion.

So, things are looking up for Xbox One owners.

If you want an Xbox, but haven’t bought one yet, will this make you pull the trigger?

I know I’m giving it serious thought.

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