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TV Talk with Natasha and Kimberly Episode 33 – True Blood, Falling Skies, Teen Wolf

Check out our latest episode of TV Talk with Natasha and Kimberly! In this episode we discuss how Eric’s flashbacks were way better than Bill’s, shipping James and Lafayette, and how Sookie just needs to go.  For Falling Skies we were a little miffed by that old couple having the skitters find the group was trying to escape.  Kim and I also think that Matt needs a new girlfriend, because she screwed up and now Matt is in trouble.  I’m glad that Maggie is back to her normal self with carrying her two guns.  Kim and I were proud of Pope stepping up!  For Teen Wolf we talk about how that mute guy is creepy. I’m glad that Lacrosse is back and looking forward to seeing how Liam fits into the scheme of things. We talk about all this and more on our latest episode! Shout out to all of those that tweeted at us during the live airing of each show!  Special shout out to Doug Jones, who plays Cochise and Mpho Koaho, who plays Anthony on the show Falling Skies as they responded to our tweets! Here is a list of others that tweeted with us:

True Blood

Falling Skies

Teen Wolf

We are sorry if we missed listing you! What are your thoughts on the third episode of each show? Are you done with True Blood yet? Sound off below!

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