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Destiny Beta Event Today


The end is near.

The Destiny Beta is about to come to a close. There are only two days left to enjoy the beta before it goes away on July 28th.

Since the beta began over a week ago, Bungie has steadily expanded access to it. It started with both Playstation consoles, before including both Xboxes earlier this week. Thursday the gates were opened even wider when the pre-order restrictions were dropped. It became available for everyone on both consoles.

Now, Bungie has issued a new invitation. They want everyone.

Today, July 26th, at 2:00 PM, Pacific Bungie wants as many people as possible to be logged on and playing. They want to set a record. And in order to entice everyone to be there, there will be new single missions unlocked. They will be in a new area (not on Earth). The first hint they’re giving is that the area was on the beta map all along. The only place that could possible be is the Moon, which has, up until now, sat there locked behind a message that the content will be available upon the game’s release. The second hint is a picture of the Moon immediately following the first hint.

Those who are there for the event will receive a special nameplate, showing the world that they were present when/if this record is made.

Either way, you may want to make sure the Destiny Beta is downloaded to your console and is ready to play.

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