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Saturday, Jan 22, 2022
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Geek Scholars

Sony’s Upcoming Films, Dungeons & Dragons Film, the Tone of Doctor Strange, and More!

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A lot of fun news to discuss on this week’s episode of GeekScholars Movie News starting with a look at Sony Pictures’ upcoming films through 2019 including Bad Boys 3 AND Bad Boys 4, Passengers, Money Monster, and remakes of Jumanji and The Magnificent Seven. From there, the hosts launch into a discussion regarding the recently announced Dungeons & Dragons film and whether or not the game can successfully be adapted to the big screen.

After all of that, it’s a round of ‘Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down’ where the GeekScholars weigh in on updates regarding: another Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, a Pez film, Doctor Strange being “Marvel’s Fantasia” and a biopic about MMA fighter Ronda Rousey starring the UFC champ playing herself.

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