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Episode 69: Mr. Tally Man

Hey guys! On this episode Llana reviews Payley Fest and her impressions of the show overall. We rant over the demise of Barry and Iris and look at the future of Arrow. Thanks for listening!

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  • Lei

    I think Legends has been so much fun this season. It along with Arrow were my top 2 this year. Stephen’s acting has been just been improving so much. I hate that Flash slipped down in the rankings. I just couldn’t get into this season this year. I still love it, but watching more out of loyalty. I hope that the next season is better. Please watch Arrow, it has gotten very good. And less Felicity angst and drama, which I am all about. And the reveal of Prometheus put that character on a whole ‘nother level for me. Like how Wade on SHIELD going Hydra made him more interesting.

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