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SDCC 2014 Registration Madness Blerds on Nerds

The Nerd Element joins the popular podcasters Matt and Llana from Blerds on Nerds in a discussion about San Diego Comic con registration.

You get a badge! You get a badge! You get a badge! We discuss all things San Diego Comic-Con, the new Pre-Registration process, who got badges, and the overall pros and cons of the new process. The theme is TEAMWORK as we are joined by our friends over at The Nerd Element YouTube Channel, Shawn “FanGirl S” from The Almost Human Podcast, and Michelle Metcalf. We have an audio version and a vlog version on our YouTube channel, Blerds on Nerds, if you want to see our lovely faces! #SpreadtheNerd

**Blerds on Nerds PODCAST**
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BlerdsOnNerds

TWITTER: @BlerdNerd
MATT’S TWITTER:  @Blackliff
LLANA’S TWITTER: @Marshallana
SHAWN “FANGIRL S”: @Jetta528
MICHELLE METCALF:@Comicgeekgirlie


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