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Lego Movie spinoff gets release date


Warner Bros Pictures announced Ninjago a spinoff of the master hit The Lego Movie. The release date for this new film will be September 23, 2016. The sequel to The Lego Movie will hit theaters on May 26, 2017.

This new movie will feature Ninjago characters that some may recognize from the popular ninja line of Lego building sets, or the animated series on Cartoon Network titled Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu; which chronicles the adventures of ninjas that can control the elements. It would appear that Warner Bros hopes to capitalize on the popularity of these characters for this spinoff movie.

As a big fan of The Lego Movie, I would personally like to see some sort of cross over with these new characters and those from the original movie. It could be as simple as a walk by and my inner 5 year old child would flail. I for one am excited about the direction this franchise is headed, let us know if you are as well!

*Ninjago will be directed by Charlie Bean and produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Screenplay written by Bryan Shukoff and Kevin Chesley. *Information courtesy of EW

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