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Episode 74: Wonder Woman

Let’s talk Wonder Woman. We’ve got the usual suspects including a very special Wonder Woman review by Comedian/Entertainer Josh Pray. ¬†You absolutely don’t want to miss this. See below for the link to Josh’s You Tube Page and the video for his amazingly funny Wonder Woman review. Thanks for listening!

Josh Pray Wonder Woman Review


Josh Pray Youtube


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1 comment

Lei June 14, 2017 at 8:53 am

Can’t wait to watch this a second time to see all of the little things that you guys caught. Was so excited for this discussion. I can not wait for the Black Panther discussion come next year.

Was so happy that Gal did her thing. Being a thin girl myself, I felt for her dealing with all the hate about her size in playing the role. But she proved that her size didn’t dictate how strong she came across on screen. Although I would love to pack on 17 lbs of muscle like she did.

I knew it was Sir Patrick from the get go. He was too helpful and the way he would look at Diana, with some sort of recognition. The older men seem to always be the betrayer in the end. And yes Michelle, I didn’t think that Ares would need the strength elixir no matter the extent of his injuries, so I knew Ludendorff was a McGuffin.

And the feelings about Henry Cavill as Superman mirror mine. He makes a good Superman, as far as looks go. But he is too Superman to be Clark Kent. The innocence isn’t there.

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