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Last Minute Tips for Travelling to San Diego Comic-Con

We are officially less than a month away from Comic-Con International’s 50th anniversary. With panel news, exclusive merch lotteries and after parties announced daily, planning your trip to the nerd mecca that is San Diego Comic-Con can be stressful.

To keep from getting overwhelmed, we’ve compiled a few last minute travel tips that should help keep your mind at ease so you can focus on the important part: Having fun at Comic-Con!

Getting to Comic-Con

If you haven’t secured parking passes or purchased airfare by now, the world isn’t over! There are multiple ways for you to get to Comic-Con that won’t break the bank. In fact, Comic-Con might be the perfect excuse to go on a road trip to bond with your nerdy friends. Don’t feel like driving yourself? Consider booking event transportation services in the form of shuttle vans or charter buses for a stress-free ride to San Diego Comic-Con.

If you were lucky enough to score a hotel in the Gaslamp or Hotel Circle, check to see if it’s on the official Comic-Con shuttle bus route. These shuttle buses provide transportation to and from the San Diego Convention Center every 15 – 30 minutes from various nearby locations. If you didn’t get a hotel in the Gaslamp, local blogger La Jolla Mom recommends taking the San Diego trolley to the convention center to save on parking fees and avoid traffic in downtown San Diego.

What to Pack

For the Floor

Your Badge: The first round of badges were shipped on June 14th to U.S. residents, so if your badge hasn’t arrived yet, it should be on its way. Make sure your badge is safely tucked away in your suitcase to avoid the headache of having to pick up a replacement at the convention center.

Portable Charger: Imagine running into your favorite celebrity only to find out that your phone is dead and you can’t snap a photo. A portable charger will help keep your phone charged and ready to go!

Backpack: You’ll want to make sure you have something that can carry all of the above, on top of all of the promotional products that are handed out as freebies throughout the convention. A backpack with extra pockets and plenty of space is a must-have item for any convention.

Poster Tube: The last thing you want to do with that amazing artwork you just picked up in artist’s alley is to have it get crushed by the crowd. Protect your artwork with a poster tube until you can get it back home safely. There are also vendors throughout the exhibit hall that sell poster tubes, and the Fox booth has even been known to give some away on occasion.

For your Sanity

Comfortable Shoes: If there’s one thing that’s certain, you will be on your feet a lot. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes to keep your dogs from barking at the end of each day, and to keep you injury free throughout the convention. It’s not uncommon to have a daily step count in the thousands after each day at the convention. Jonathan Ortega, Fitness manager at EōS Fitness, says if “your health is important to you, going on vacation shouldn’t hinder you from staying in good health.”

Snacks: Eating in and around the convention center can get expensive. To help save money so that you can buy another Funko Pop! Bobblehead or more comics to add to your collection, consider packing your own snacks! Don’t have room in your suitcase? There’s a Ralph’s grocery store in the Gaslamp that is the perfect place to pick up granola bars, energy shots, or trail mix to keep you fueled for the con.

Toiletries: It can be easy to get so caught up in having fun that you neglect your daily hygiene routine. Remembering to pack deodorant,  bar soap, and shampoo will help keep B.O. at bay as you navigate the convention floor. Additionally, using hand sanitizer regularly  is a great way to avoid having to take a sick day when you finally get back home because you got the “con crud.”


Cosplay: Some cosplayers spend months perfecting their cosplay. However, you don’t have to be an expert at creating costumes, nor do you need to spend countless hours on a costume to enjoy cosplaying at Comic-Con! There are plenty of places for you to pick up a costume last minute. You can usually find great deals on Halloween costumes online around this time of year.

With your travel plans secure and your items packed and prepped, you should be all set for a fun-filled time at San Diego Comic-Con. For more Comic-Con related news, keep your eyes locked on our blog!

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