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Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023
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D23 Convention ExclusivesD23 Expo

D23 Expo Funko and Loungefly Exclusives

Funko and Loungefly have announced their exclusive for D23 Expo, marking the first time Funko is bringing a significant amount of exclusives to the convention. Full list below!

Vinyl SODA 3 Liter: Disney – Baymax with CHASE

POP! Disney: Pinocchio – Jiminy on leaf

POP! Disney: Cinderella – Lucifer

Vinyl SODA: Incredibles – Frozone with ice in hands CHASE

POP! Disney: Emperor’s New Groove – Devil Kronk

Vinyl SODA: Emperor’s New Groove – Lab Kronk with potion CHASE

POP! Rides: Disney: Mickey with Plane

POP! Disney: Mickey Pilot (blue suit)

POP! Rides: Disney: Mickey and Minnie Fly

Vinyl SODA: Disney: Donald Duck with flocked CHASE

Vinyl SODA: Disney: Mickey Philharmagic with diamond glitter CHASE

Funko Tee: D23 – Fan T-shirt

Shared Retail Locations for Exclusive Products

Disney Big Hero Six Baymax Battlemode Cosplay mini backpack & wallet

Disney Emperors New Groove Devil Kronk cosplay mini backpack & Angel Kronk wallet

Pixar Incredibles Jack Jack Light-Up Cosplay mini backpack

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