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Awesome Con DC 2014 Highlights!

Con season started for me this year when Awesome Con DC opened it’s doors to the exhibit hall at 3 pm on Friday April 18. While I arrived around 3:30 pm riding the escalator to the 2nd floor to pick up my badges, nervous excitement was building in me as I did not know what to expect.  Not only was I going to experience the con as an attendee with a Billie Piper VIP pass but I also get to experience it as press.  Here are the highlights from my Awesome Con experience!


Ernie Hudson
Ernie Hudson
  • Getting a photo-op with Ernie Hudson in his Ghostbusters outfit in front of the Ecto-1!   Hudson is such a nice guy and looks great!
  • Talking with a few authors like Jeanine Spendlove and Stuart Jaffe that were literary guests
  • Talking with a few artists in artist alley like H-eri, Chris Scott, and Snow by Night comics.  Be on the look-out for those interviews!
  • Taking pics of cosplayers, even got to interview one of them.
  • Saying hello to fellow con goers!
  • Seeing a Pony, a Guild War character and Venom cosplayers eating at Five Guys!


It was a big day! Lines, panels, lines, exhibit hall, and more lines, as well as memorable moments when you meet an actor you currently see or someone you grew up watching or listening to!

  • Rob Paulsen talking as the voice of Yakko from Animaniacs being flirtatious!
  • Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche voicing Pinky and the Brain flirting!
  • The Original Blue and Black Ranger Walter Jones and David Yost seeing their Q&A panel where they talk about their memories of the show and me getting a photo-op with them!
Billie Piper
Billie Piper
  • An interview with Raphael Sbarge, who plays Jiminy Cricket and Archie Hopper in the show Once Upon a Time!
  • Billie Piper Q&A Panel
  • The Voice Actor Radio Show: A panel of voice actors which included Rob Paulsen and Phil LeMar redoing scenes from the Ghostbusters movie in several of their well known voices as well as several random ones. A certain guest from the movie crashed the panel!
  • Meeting author Gail Z Martin at her Launch Party of her novel Reign of Ash and the other authors that came to support her!
  • Interviews with authors Timothy Zahn and new writer Rori Shay!
  • Meeting Cary Elwes!  He had sunglasses on
  • Seeing Sean Astin again after meeting him in NYCC 2012.


We are at the end stretch and my ankles and feet are telling me to stop, but I can’t!

  • Getting my Firefly cast canvas signed by Ron Glass! Two more signatures to go!
  • The Cary Elwes Q&A: He made an interesting announcement and the story with Andre the giant is hilarious!
  • Interview with author Gail Z Martin about her latest projects as well as the research behind it
  • The Super Art Fight panel, where artists compete on one canvas drawing different characters and things from the wheel of death.
Author Gail Z Martin
Author Gail Z Martin

I did feel a little bit guilty as it was Easter Sunday and I was attending the convention that day.  Fortunately Awesome Con has announced the dates for the con for next year, which is from May 29-31, 2015! I will be there!

Did you go to Awesome Con? If so, how was your experience? Was this your first time going to a convention? Comment below and we can relive our experiences together.

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