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Friday, Mar 24, 2023
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Neighbors – Non-spoiler Review


Neighbors comes out today and if you’re in the mood for a funny comedy, this could be the movie you’re looking for.  Although, not as good as Rogan’s Last movie, This is the End, it will have you laughing. I would have to agree with the 7.5 rating that it got on Rotten Apples.

Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne play couple Mac and Kelly Radner who live their simple suburban life with their newborn daughter, feeling the need for escape at times. Until the vacant house next door is purchased by a fraternity and they realize that their average life is about to be interrupted by partying college kids. What starts off as a truce between neighbors, quickly escalates into a battle of “Keep it down!” and “Turn it up!” Zac Efron and Dave Franco, play the heads of the fraternity in this knock down drag out, broken leg off the balcony, fireworks out the window comedy. Lisa Kudrow steals scenes as the dean of the university, Carol Gladstone. The battle between the two sides escalates til one side eventually ends up victorious with laughs all along the way. In the end, the Radners have a new appreciation for their simple family life and the frat boys realize that eventually the party ends and real life begins.

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