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Legend of Korra – Book 3 Trailer

Last week, episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Book 3 were leaked onto the interwebs – causing a slew of images and spoilers about the upcoming season. Even a fan trailer was made – causing quite the a uproar in the community. You can read about Bryan Konietzko’s statement on it here.

Nickelodeon came out today and released their version of the trailer as a response to the leaks. In this new trailer, we see some new locations such as the silver city and a city upon a mountaintop – we also go back to Ba Sing Se! All the characters from the prior seasons are there including a whole new fleet of airbenders, Sparky Boom Boom Man’s apparent offspring, Bei Fong’s sister and an aged Zuko riding upon a dragon!

From the overall tone of the trailer, its delivery and how it is pared with the music – it appears that the world is at war again. The Four Nations appear to be at war and elements are pitted against each other once again. If anything, Book 3 is truly about change. Yet the real question is, where are all the spirits that we saw at the end of Book 2?

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