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SDCC badge, check. Hotel, check. Transportation, check. All set for Comic-Con, right?  Wrong!

Just when you think you’re ready for nerd mecca you’re not. Here at The Nerd Element we have a few tips to make your time there fun, enjoyable, and safe.

What to bring:

  1. Comfortable shoes– Please do understand this is a must. You may not notice at first, but you will be walking for miles, yes miles. From the convention center to the Gaslamp district there is a lot of walking, so protect those precious feet. Also you may want to get a 2 pairs of insoles, such as Dr. Scholls ones, and swap them out each day.
  2. Backpack/Messenger bag– Everyone has their preference, do what’s best for your comfort level. Think of everything you may want to bring, buy, or may need while you are out and about.
  3. Deodorant– Yes deodorant, again lots of walking, camping overnight, running for that exclusive works up a sweat.
  4. Portable device chargers– “Look there’s Stan Lee!” ”Wow look at all these cosplayers!!” Snap Snap Snap=device dead. Chargers are a must, maybe more than one. In the next few days we will list a few to help you decide the best one.
  5. Surge protector with multiple outlets– Hotel rooms typically don’t have that many available outlets, especially if you’re staying with others. I have this one, and highly recommend it: Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports 
  6. Food and Water– You will for the most part be active, so stay hydrated San Diego has awesome weather but it still can be very warm. The convention center will have food, however not very healthy and can be pricey. Bringing your own snacks could save you money and time. Bringing a refillable water bottle is a must do, even more so is one with a filter built in to filter the water from water fountains. I personally use this one, and love it: OKO H2O Advanced Filtration Water Bottle
  7. Entertainment– You could spend hours waiting in line. Comics, iPad/tablet, books, music, movies, etc. will help the time go by. Making new friends in line is also a great way to pass the time.
  8. Cash– Some vendors may not take credit/debit cards. Keeping some cash on hand would be helpful. FYI there are ATMs at the convention center, but quite often they have a long line to use them.
  9. An open mind– SDCC is a great place with so much to do and see. Surprises happen and plans will go out the window (it happened to me twice). But if you go with an open mind and a sense of humor you will have time of your life!!


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