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Sleepy Hollow S2 Ep 7 Recap: Deliverance

This week’s episode, “Deliverance” was written by Nelson Greaves and Sam Chalsen and it had some intense moments! I felt so bad for Katrina!  She definitely “delivered” this performance! On to the recap!

We start with a dreamlike flashback with Katrina and Ichabod in their bed talking about having kids, before Ichabod leaves on a mission.  Crane and Katrina sound so hopeful in this scene.  I wonder if Katrina knew she was pregnant then? It turns into a nightmare when Crane then Moloch open their mouths and that nasty spider from last week crawls out of their mouths into Katrina’s. She wakes up gagging and coughing. Was this foreshadowing?

207207_scn3_0503_f_previewAbbie takes Crane with her when she votes.  He thinks that American Idol should be called “American Idolatry.”  Abbie jokes about not having property because she’s paying for Ichabod’s bills. They discuss how far this country has come. Crane of course has opinions to help Abbie vote but is shushed by the election volunteer pointing to the sign to not campaign in a polling place.

Abraham tries to to get Katrina to drink something. She tells him she’s poisoned.  Henry comes in unannounced with some goons to take Katrina away.  Two hold her while the third checks her out. He unfolds a book with Moloch’s picture.  That doesn’t look good. Henry tells Abraham that he’s there at the behest of their master. Abraham is upset, wants to talk with Moloch himself but Henry’s like we don’t have time for that.  Abraham tries to stop them from taking her but Henry opens the doors bringing in sunlight which burns Abraham. Dumb me for not realizing that sunlight would hurt him.  Katrina even calls out to him to do something! He still manages to help her escape but gets burned for it by Henry. Was that foreshadowing too? Katrina even punched one of the goons! She runs from the woods to a nearby gas station.  Some mechanics find her and she collapses.

Katrina gets Modern

209209_scn13_2375_f_previewJust as Abbie and Ichabod leave the voting polls (Crane gets an “I voted” sticker), Sheriff Reyes comes in with a group of police officers.  Ichabod remarks that it must hurt a little that Abbie isn’t in the club.  Abbie’s not really stung about it. She just wishes Reyes was aware of what was really going on.  One of the officers tells them there was a Jane Doe who was a redhead who was taken to the hospital in colonial garb.  Crane and Abbie rush over there to find Katrina.  The doctor, once they identified themselves, tells them that she has a fever and an infection in the abdominal wall . Katrina wakes up and explains what happened at the cabin. Henry had something to do with it.  She cries out in pain and black veins appear on her stomach. Katrina tries to heal herself to no avail.  Ichabod reassures her that they will find a cure.  Katrina mentions that Henry told her Moloch has a new purpose for her.  Abbie suggests they leave before Henry finds them.

Katrina gets some jeans and a corsetted top from the lost and found. Ichabod mildly points out that her new clothes are form fitting when Katrina asks if he doesn’t like them. The gang almost run into Henry’s henchman but Katrina warns Crane and Abbie about them before they are seen.  Abbie suggests they split up.  She will tail the guys to find out more info.  Crane initially shows concern but tells her they will catch up with her at the archives. He tells her to be careful.

Katrina goes to the archives and she creates a spell to warn them if Henry or his men approach.  Ichabod tells her she shouldn’t do too much and she replies that the sickness comes and goes. When Ichabod asks if Katrina knows anything else she mentions the book with the picture of a goat on it blowing fire from its mouth. Crane remembers Benjamin Franklin’s notes regarding the symbol belonging to a group called the Hellsfire club, an evil group of scientists.  Franklin infiltrated the club to learn their secrets.  His notes mention a woman who had the same issues as Katrina.  Ichabod blames himself for her getting sick.  Katrina says that it could’ve still happened even she was with him.  Katrina mentions Abraham didn’t know about Henry’s plan.  Ichabod is confused as to why she’s referring to him as the person.  She explains about being able to see the horseman’s human side.  Ichabod wasn’t happy hearing that.  She explains that she talks with Abraham to get intel, that’s it.  She swears there are no more secrets between them. Ichabod still wants to build a life with her when it’s all over. They share a smooch.

Abbie does surveillance on the guys that found Katrina at the hospital.  They are at a warehouse and Abbie overhears the conversation about something happening by sun setting the next day.  She takes pictures of the facility including an object with writings on it.  She swipes a book before leaving.  It would’ve been nice to have Jenny help Abbie out in this scene.  Knowing Jenny though there would’ve been a gunfight.  Considering what happens later with the Sheriff, she would not have been able to help in that capacity anyway.

Katrina is WHAT!?

Abbie is back from the warehouse with the photos she took.  One of the pictures had medical equipment as well as a hospital bed with stirrups.  Ichabod starts reading from the notebook that Abbie swapped.  With words like “vessel” and “inception” all three start to come to the same conclusion.  Katrina’s pregnant! I’m thinking to myself the Hellfire Shard that was mentioned a few episodes ago! A vessel to bring Moloch into the world!

Abbie points out that Crane and Katrina haven’t been together in awhile…Ichabod initially jumps to conclusions but Katrina denies it being Abraham’s.  Crane reads the book further where it explains that the Jincan was used to create the seed to implant “the vessel.” Whew! Katrina’s in the clear!  Crane tells Katrina that Henry got the Jincan from them and they thought it would be used as some kind of weapon.  She explains that dark covens have used Jincan for years to grow demons.  Katrina’s hex lights up signaling Henry’s goons have caught up with them!  They run into the tunnels and there’s some brief gunfire between Abbie and the goons.  The three manage to elude Henry’s men again.

Abbie takes them to the same church that Katrina left Jeremy and he took his new name. Abbie thinks that Henry is going to try his hardest to find her.  Katrina thinks Henry as a sin eater can take the demon out of her. Don’t hold your breath Kat.  She implores Ichabod to consider that their son still has a human side.  Ichabod is hesitant but thinks about Katrina’s words. She reasons that he turned to Moloch because there was no one else he could turn to.  They need to try to reach him.  Abbie looks at both them like they’re crazy considering Henry made it clear that he was the Horseman of War. Abbie still gets outvoted. Ichabod has a plan.

Ichabod uses Irving to get to talk with Henry at the mental institution.  I guess you couldn’t try to put in a good word for Irving huh Crane?  Henry reveals that it’s Moloch that Katrina is carrying.  Abbie and Katrina realize it at the same time when Abbie reads from the book about the Horrid King. Katrina writhes in pain with baby Moloch growing and moving. We see Moloch tearing his skin off all gross near a fire. Gross! Ichabod is floored.

Katrina initially considers killing herself so Moloch is not born.  Abbie tells her that they will find another way.  Meanwhile, Ichabod tries to reason with Henry, but Henry still chose Moloch. When Ichabod touched Henry as he was leaving he saw him as a little boy running for help. I wanted to root for Crane in this scene but knew Henry was going to stick to his guns.  Crane goes back to the church to tell them the news. Katrina tells Ichabod to continue to have faith when he recounted his conversation with Henry.  She wants him to fight for Henry even if something happens to her.  At this point she looks bloated with a blanket covering her bulge.

207207_scn33pt31_0991_f_previewAbbie is looking at the photos again. She thinks that the photo of the table  didn’t come out right but Ichabod mentions Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights. He says  that Franklin wrote a paper about them.  He demands to “internet immediately.” Crane laments on the slowness of dial-up. They find the paper that Franklin wrote and realize that there is a coded message because of how he wrote it.  Franklin created an aurora prism that when directed at sunlight creates the northern lights that can banish a demon. He hid it in the tablet.  Crane and Abbie leave Katrina alone while they go back to the warehouse, but first they get help. It would’ve been nice for Jenny to meet Katrina.  Jenny could’ve babysat!  Ichabod gives Katrina a two-way radio to call him if she needs him.

Abbie approaches Sheriff Reyes about the Hellfire Club and produces the photos of the surveillance she took earlier.  Abbie tells her that Ichabod helped her crack the case because of his expertise.  Reyes takes a tactical team with her and when the club opens gunfire Abbie and Ichabod go to find the tablet. They find the box that contains it. Amid gunfire Ichabod figures he can crack the code to get into the box. He fails until Abbie suggests 666. It works.  I’m with Crane, they could’ve done something  original with the code. Abbie does get to beat up the cult leader at least. After things calm down Sheriff Reyes admits that she sees why Corbin spoke highly of Abbie and thanks Crane. Crane’s cover is a criminal profiler, emphasis on historical imitation. It’s a starting point.

Demon Baby Coming!

Katrina uses the radio to communicate with Ichabod to tell him baby Moloch is ready to come into the world! Katrina is in serious pain. Those jeans have been through the ringer.  I guess giving birth to the Horrid King would do that do you.  Ichabod and Abbie make it back.  Abbie holds Katrina as she’s going through birth pains. This scene reminded me of the movie Alien! Crane breaks the tablet and holds the prism to the sunlight.  He was a little slow for me but he got it done. I liked the special effect with the lights. Very intense scene with some serious screaming. Katrina’s not breathing!

Abbie doesn’t know CPR? Ichabod does CPR instead, and is able to save his wife! Katrina and Ichabod have a special moment and Abbie gives them privacy.  Ichabod meets Abbie outside. He tells Abbie about what he saw when he touched Henry.  He has some hope.  Abbie still has doubts.  It was still a good day though! They fist bump

There’s a storm brewing and well placed red lightning is caught in a jar at Henry’s house. I guess he had a back-up plan.

I enjoyed the Katrina and Ichabod moments as I felt they had more chemistry than in previous episodes.  I hope they get to spend just a little more time with each other, but Crane did show concern about Abraham eventually coming for her.

What did you think about the episode? Is anyone still hesitant about Katrina? What do you think about the villain next week? Sound off below in the comments! Be sure to check out the next episode of the podcast TVTalk with Natasha and Kimberly were we will discuss this week’s episode!

Photos courtesy of Fox/Brownie Harris and Fred Norris

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FG November 4, 2014 at 7:14 pm

Great review. Very detailed. It was a great fast paced episode.

TheNerdElement November 5, 2014 at 10:37 pm

This was a more fast-paced episode for sure! What did you think about Katrina in this episode? Thanks for commenting! ~ Natty

FG November 6, 2014 at 6:27 am

I like Katrina and I thought this episode explored her more, which was needed. It showed a really strong side of her both physically and emotionally. She was willing to sacrifice herself to make sure Moloch did not enter the world and reminded Ichabod to have Faith regarding their son, because she spent 231 years in Purgatory with nothing more than Faith that she will see her husband again. That speaks volumes about the character.
Keep up the great and detailed reviews. It is nice to see a non-bias impartial review on this show. A review of somebody who just enjoyed the episode for what it was, a great fast paced episode.

TheNerdElement November 7, 2014 at 9:58 pm

Thanks! I try to keep most of the opinions of each episode of Sleepy Hollow for the TVTalk podcast. Here is the link: http://www.thenerdelement.com/category/tvtalkpodcast/. We review this show as well as others! ~Natty

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