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Gotham Recap Ep 7: The Mask

I feel like several people in this episode needed to let some aggression out. Mainly Gordon, Bruce, and Oswald.  Let’s see what they were up to this week shall we?

Gordon is the Last One Standing  

Two guys in black ski masks, white shirts, black pants, and black suspenders have an office battle.  They use the supplies like keyboards, monitors, and staplers as weapons. One uses the long blade from a paper trimmer to wack the other killing him.  Someone is watching via a security monitor.  The guy that won takes off his mask, looks at the camera and gives a fist salute in the air.  Gordon and Bullock are called to the crime scene where the dead guy was dumped. Gordon notices the ink smudges on the body.  Via Nygma they know that the body was moved. Bullock and Gordon notice the battle scars on the fists and around the face.  Bullock thinks that the guy was in finance because of the suspenders.  Gordon wants to question the homeless while Bullock talks to the policemen that found the body.  Before they leave Ngyma finds a thumb in the victim’s mouth. He’s going to run prints.

Gotham_108__EmptyLot_12425_previewThe mother of Coleman Lawson, the victim, talks with Gordon.  She mentioned that he was looking for a job in finance. Bullock talks with Captain Essen about the case.  So far no one with missing a thumb has gone to the E.R.  He will check the black market next. Bullock also discusses how Gordon is still taking it hard that the majority of the other cops bailed on him when Zsasz confronted him and the cops avoid Gordon because they feel guilty.  The Captain thinks that Gordon can’t do his job alone so he will need to eventually move past it, but glad that Bullock is there for him.

Gordon and Bullock go question a black market doctor about the thumb.  He first denies it but when Gordon finds ink smudges on a shirt he confesses that he saw the suspect around 3 am that morning.  He gives them a card that says Sionis Investments which dropped out of the suspect’s pocket.  Gordon takes the doctor in to throw him in jail.  Detective Alvarez (J.M. Cortes) protests because he uses the guy for information.  Gordon doesn’t back down.  Harvey tries to remind him that he understands that he’s upset but the only reason they are alive is because of Falcone.  Bullock is unsuccessful in convincing Gordon to let the doctor go.

Barbara pulls Gordon’s spare gun on him when he comes home.  She got nervous since he was late and he didn’t turn on any lights. When he takes the gun from her she goes for the wine.  Gordon doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to handle a gun when she’s been drinking.  She is still traumatized from what happened last week especially about Zsasz.  Who can blame her?  She wants to be reassured that there are no monsters. Gordon lies and says there are none.  Meanwhile a guy in a strange mask has several men in cages. Two of them are putting on masks.  One of the others asks when they will get to leave.  The warrior mask guy says that it’s up to them when they leave.

Barbara apologizes for her reaction last night.  She admits that she did ask to discuss cases with him and wishes him luck in catching bad guys.  Nygma starts doing the autopsy.  He manages to find pins and other small office supplies on the victim before getting caught by the main medical examiner (M.E.).  He thinks the main M.E. is incompetent.

Bullock and Gordon question Mr. Richard Sionis (Todd Stashwick).  When they first get to his office they notice several male employees with bruises.  They both notice the masks and the warrior weapons.  When asked about it Mr. Sionis sees it as inspiration in order to be successful.  Gordon thinks that being a good businessman makes you successful.  Gordon asks about the masks to which Mr. Sionis reverently touches one of them (the same one we just saw moments ago mind you) explaining that the mask may cover the face but it frees the soul and tells the truth.  Bullock asks why his employees appear beat up and Mr. Sionis explains rough touch football and tries to ruffle Gordon’s feathers by saying that Gordon must miss fighting.  Gordon thinks Mr. Sionis is a killer and Mr Sionis says he Gordon to prove it, Gordon replies by saying he will. Bullock tries to leave with the last word about not trying to be the good cop.  As Gordon is leaving he notices blood on the floor. It leads him to the men’s room.  Lawson’s killer comes out of one of the stalls and tries to make a break for it but Bullock knocks him out by bumping him with the bathroom door.

Bullock and Gordon try to get a confession from the suspect.  Bullock reports to the Captain that Mr. Sionis picks the top three candidates to fight it out, not kill each other.  The last man standing gets hired.  They all sign confidentiality agreements making them accomplices. They don’t know a location yet because the guy was blindfolded and taken to the office building.  Nygma walks in to report his findings on the autopsy and comes to the same conclusion of where the murder took place.  He does inform them that there have been 4 similar cases over the last three years.  The Captain wants a confession, but a lawyer shows up to so it’s too late.  The Captain is wondering why crimes like this are popping up.  Gordon theorizes that they were just under the surface but are now out because of the Wayne Murder.  They represented decency and hope but they are now dead.  Captain regrets not staying with Gordon.

Harvey and Bullock split up to look for old office buildings where Sionis is conducting his fight matches.  Before he leaves Barbara calls.  He tells her something came up but hangs up when she’s about to tell him she loves him.  He comes across an old building.  He goes in and the office looks similar to the place from the beginning of the episode.  He goes in and sees the some men in cages.  He asks if anyone else is there and Mr. Sionis tasers him.  Yep someone was there! Harvey is trying to look for him and when he asks for help from the other cops, he is initially rebuffed.  He then gets everyone’s attention and makes a speech about how Gordon is still a cop and they need to have his back.  The Captain volunteers to look at a few locations. Alvarez and others folllow.

Gotham_108__OfficeArena11772_previewWhen Gordon wakes up he is surrounded by the three men who were in cages earlier.  He tries to talk them out of trying to hurt him.  Mr. Sionis tells them over a loudspeaker that whoever kills Gordon will not only get a job at his firm but also a million dollar bonus!  Mr. Sionis’s employees are watching the fight via monitors at their office.  Some are even placing bets!  It appears as though Gordon is in serious trouble.  However, he manages to subdue the three wannabe warriors.  Then Mr. Sionis comes out himself trying to take a swing at Gordon. Gordon punches him and is about to kill him with his own sword when he lowers it.  The Captain arrives with a team to help finish rounding up the suspects.  Sionis tries to get Gordon from behind but Jim knocks him out again.  Gordon thanks the Captain then leaves.

Back at the precinct Gordon is holding the mask Mr. Sionis used throughout the episode.  He thanks Bullock for making his speech. Gordon is still on a mission to take down Falcone. Jim calls Barbara but she doesn’t answer. She packs up and leaves instead.  She does leave a letter for Gordon though.  As Gordon is leaving Alvarez tells him that they picked up a girl who got caught stealing at a high end store.  It’s Selina! I’m sure you missed her Gordon, admit it!

Oswald Likes Secrets, Mooney’s playing a Dangerous Game

Oswald approaches a random lady asking for her brooch.  It includes a sharp needle like pin.  He wants to give it to a friend.  He really asks nicely which means he intimidated the crap out of her!  Oswald meets with Mooney to negotiate the truce between Falcone and Maroni.  Mooney mentions to her new umbrella man Timothy (Robbie Tann) and how Oswald used to have his job.  She opens Oswald’s gift and then (of course) stabs him with the pin.  When Oswald says that was uncalled for, Mooney laments that he betrayed her when she treated him like a son.  Oswald better hope that Falcone stays in good health since that is the only reason he is alive in Mooney’s view.  Things can always change according to Mooney.  Oswald then leaves after he tells her to pay his respects to Falcone.

Oswald knows how to recycle a gift by giving the brooch to his mother.  He talks about how someone is jealous of him at his job.  She tells him of the story about how she got back at a rival dance student named Magda by telling on her father.  A rat she has been trying to catch finally gets into one of her traps.  Oswald’s mind starts wondering about secrets.

Mooney meets with her spy Liza at a confessional. She wants her to give Falcone a drug that will make him sleep for a few hours while Liza goes into his office and copies the last few pages of his ledger.  Mooney is realistic to Liza about her getting killed if she gets caught.  Liza spills some of the drug when one Falcone’s men startles her.  She manages to put the rest in the tea she serves him.  Liza then goes to Mooney with the information and tells her she wants out, to which Mooney says no.  Mooney then goes into a story about how her mother was killed by one of Falcone’s men.  She swore that she would not be powerless, this encourages Liza to go back to Falcone.  An older woman goes to Mooney and sits down with her and admonishes her for telling Liza lies.  Mooney seems to care about the woman.  My guess is that’s her mama.

Oswald kidnaps Mooney’s new umbrella boy Timothy.  After several minutes of torture, Timothy reveals that Mooney has someone on the inside spying for Falcone.  I would be real hesitant to be Mooney’s umbrella person.

Don’t Talk about Bruce’s Momma

Gotham_108__TommyElliot_sHouse_12858_previewAlfred is forcing Bruce to go to school even though he prefers home schooling.  He wants Bruce to be normal .  As Bruce is walking inside, some kids look at him like fresh meat.  Later Bruce is by a water fountain on school grounds. Bruce is already starting to charm the ladies when they greet him as they walk by. The same kid that checked him out before, Tommy Elliott (Cole Vallis), sits down and starts asking questions about when Bruce’s parents died.  Bruce doesn’t want to talk about it. Tommy then rudely asks if Bruce saw any guts. Bruce excuses himself to go to class but you could tell he was getting upset.

The next day Tommy and his cronies stop Bruce on his way to class.  Bruce doesn’t like to be called “Brucy.” His mom is brought into the conversation.  Bruce isn’t having it so he slaps Tommy. When Alfred picks Bruce up he has a bruise on his chin.  When Bruce explained what happened Alfred hoped that he knocked the boy’s teeth out.  Bruce shamefully admits that he can’t fight and the kid was bigger than him.  He implores Alfred not to tell the school.

Alfred brings Bruce to Tommy’s house.  He hands Bruce his father’s watch.  Alfred will understand if Bruce didn’t go through with it, but Bruce insists that he would feel ashamed if he let it slide.  Encouraged by having the watch with him, Bruce knocks on the door.  Tommy steps out, wondering what he’s doing there.  Bruce tells him they have unfinished business, then proceeds to punch Tommy several times until Alfred stops him.  He wants Tommy to be reminded that Bruce almost killed him and he let him do it.  Alfred and Bruce leave with Bruce getting pizza as his reward.  Bruce admits that he liked hurting Tommy.  He’s angry all of the time and wonders if it will go away.  Bruce asks Alfred to teach him how to fight.  Alfred replies yes.

Next week we meet Harvey Dent! What did you think of the episode? Did you like the fight scene with Gordon near the end? Do you think Liza will get caught?  Sound off below in the comments!

*Photos courtesy of Fox/Jessica Miglio

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