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Magfest and Katsucon 2015

Hey everyone! I know its been a little while since I’ve posted, but decided to merge my Magfest and Katsucon coverage since the two were held within three weeks of one another this year, and held at the same venue. Some may be familiar with Katsucon due to the photos I posted last year, but for those who aren’t, Katsucon is a 3-day fan-based convention focusing on Japanese culture, but primarily the pop culture aspects (anime, manga, and video games).

Magfest, short for “Music and Gaming Festival, is a 4-day festival, though it does run like a convention, with a heavy focus on video games. This was my first year at Magfest, and it definitely seemed a lot more enjoyable than Katsucon. Besides the fact its not as densely attended as Katsu, in the arcade room, you could find almost any arcade staple game and cabinets ever made fully functional and ready to play. From Mario Bros. to Tron, Street Fighter to DDR.  Also, no tokens or quarters necessary to play! So enough talk from me, enjoy the photos below!!!




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