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Awesome Con 2015: It’s Morphin Time!

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made their presence known at Awesome Con this year! Now I have the theme music stuck in my head.  In 2014 Walter Jones and David Yost, the original black and blue Power Ranger came but in 2015 they were joined by the original red ranger Austin St John and the second yellow ranger Karan Ashley!  It was great meeting St John, who’s from the DC Metro Area and Ashley.  I of course had a crush back in the day on Jason, Austin’s character on the show but I kept my cool when I met him! St John also has a movie coming out soon so be on the look out for that! All of the rangers had a steady line throughout the weekend and they didn’t mind people stopping by to say hello.  I said hello a lot to Yost and Jones since I got autographs and photos with them in 2014.


Their panel was on Sunday and of course it was packed!  It was a great panel with interesting fan questions. The most touching part was when Austin talked about missing Thuy Trang.  It even got deep when Yost talked about his experience with depression. Below is the audio from the panel. Another great part was a dance-off between Walter Jones and Dmitri Reeves, who’s video of dancing to Michael Jackson during the Baltimore riots earlier this year went viral.  I even got a picture with him after the panel!


Another highlight was getting to interview Karan Ashley!  She was great to interview and it was fascinating hearing about her memories of meeting and working with Janet Jackson. We also talked about the fact that her character Aisha never had a love interest while she was on the show while all of the other rangers had at least one.  Here is her interview below.

The icing on the cake was when our TNE photographer Kendra was interviewed by Ashley to discuss cosplay photography.

If you are a fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I highly recommend that if you see any of these four rangers at a convention, definitely go stop by their booth, it is worth it!


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