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Awesome Con 2015: Queens of Darkness Once Upon A Time

As a fan of Once Upon a Time, I was really excited when I heard that Queens of Darkness Cruella (Victoria Smurfit), Malificent (Kristin Bauer Van Straten), and Ursula (Merrin Dungey) were coming to Awesome Con.  I did enjoy the overall arc on the show, even though I liked Ursula’s and Cruella’s character development a lot more than Malificent’s. What made it even more exciting was the fact that I was already a fan of Smurfit who was in Dracula, which unfortunately got cancelled after the first season. Van Straten played one of my favorite characters, Pam from True Blood so it made me even more eager to meet the ladies!

Their panel was too adorable and I was fortunate enough to briefly interview with Smurfit and Dungey! It’s so nice to hear that they are also huge fans of the villains they played on OUAT.   It was funny that not too long after I interviewed Dungey I saw a cosplayer dressed as Ursula, we were just talking about the fact we haven’t seen one yet at the Con.

What I really liked about their panel was you could tell that they really enjoyed each other’s time on the set of Once Upon a Time and the audience questions about the other characters they played.   I felt so bad for Dungey at first because like the first several minutes of the panel no one from the audience asked her a question.  Here is the audio of the panel below, apologies for some maneuvering you may hear:

I managed to get a selfie with both Smurfit and Dungey since they had spurts where the line wasn’t too long.  Bauer Van Straten had a steady line throughout the weekend so I unfortunately I didn’t get to talk with her much.   In chatting with the volunteers, they had nothing but nice things to say about the ladies, especially Smurfit.  Getting a picture with all three was a treat and good to share with friends.

Natty with Merrin DungeyNatty with Victoria Smurfit

Definitely say hello at their booth if they go to a con near you and attend their panels! They really appreciate the love and support.

Have you met any of the actresses in person?  Comment below and tell us your experience.

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