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TVTalk with The Nerd Element Ep 118: The Walking Dead Finale Special!!!

Welcome to The Walking Dead Finale Special of TVTalk! Because of the significance of the finale, we had a ton of guests to help process what
happened!  Spoilers! We go into detail of the episode and even get a glimpse of what it was like on set for certain scenes of the finale from a “Savior’s” perspective.  We even delve into the comics a little bit for differences and potential nuggets that may happen next season.  This was a fun podcast to record and the pre-show was just as awesome!  Special thank you to all our guests, which include Llana, co-founder for TNE and co-host of @BlerdNerd, Jimmy McAfee, @LolaLariscy of @ScannerDromeMag, @jonathanjstone0 from the @FiveNerdyVenoms, @DarthGeekonius from @theblackgeeks, Shawn “Fangirl” S @jetta528, and Chrissy from @SleepyAddicts! I wasn’t kidding when I said a ton of guests! Enjoy!

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